How I do my florals – trailer

Hello, all you lovely people out there!

Here is a sneak peek of my How I do my florals video for this week. It´s out now and I guess by now you know where you can find it. I hope you find some inspiration just by watching this little video. I have decided to start creating a few more handpicked videos just for Youtube. I love going out in nature and looking for beautiful things to pick. I can’t wait to bring you with me next time I go. So, stay tuned. There are videos coming up on Youtube as well.

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Anyhow. I´m off to the post office to post some letters now. I might also go and get a takeaway coffee, mabey walk around Bury to see if I can find some inspiration. I´m going to force my butt to go out running this evening too. Wish me good luck. Hehe.

Well, have a lovely week!

Love, Marie

Florals with Marie

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I´m alive! Hehe. How are you? I´m about to start making my next how I do my florals video. I am in love with this week’s flowers and I can’t wait to start! I´m working with pink peonies, white snapdragons and a soft pinkish Lisianthus. A very feminine bunch. I also handpicked a lot of foliage yesterday so I´m feeling pretty good about this one.

Anyhow. I have decided to finally start my Youtube journey. I think it is the way to go. I also feel the need to help people, to inspire others. Not just with flowers. I feel very passionately about self-care and mental health and I hope to somehow add that into the mix too. I have no proper strategy for Youtube yet, but I know I have plenty of ideas and I´m already working on my first “proper” youtube video. I´m actually loving the process of finding ideas, doing the research and scripting the video. It´s creative and I love that.

My question to you is, is there anything you would like to see on my Youtube channel? Anything at all?


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All the thank you letters for my Patreons are now sent off. It was so heartwarming to write to them and see them sent off. Without my Patreon´s I wouldn´t have allowed myself to spend the extra money on flowers every week, especially during these times. Because of them, I´m able to be creative and inspire a lot of people with the florals I make. I get a lot of messages from people who tell me how inspired they are by my pictures and stories. They send me pictures of what they pick in their gardens but also of their finished arrangements. I absolutely love that!

Oh, and please don´t feel like you need to be a Patreon. I don´t expect that at all. Florals with Marie on Patreon is not for everyone and I know that. However, I am so happy I am there. It´s giving me a push towards becoming self-employed while building up my wedding floristry portfolio. I think that’s a good thing.

Right, I´m getting myself a new cuppa and a little chocolate before it´s time to create this week’s florals.

Marie xx