How to do a Goddess workshop

Hello everyone! Long-time no see. I haven’t been on my blog for a little while and I am so sorry! It´s been a busy few months and I had to put my blog aside for a little while. Luckily, I feel much freer now that I have deleted Facebook. OH MY. What a blessed feeling to be free from the world of Facebook. Haha! For those of you who don´t know why I deleted it, I deleted Facebook because I had too many platforms to keep up with. Since social media is now part of my job, I needed to be smarter about where I spend my time, and I also want to give out more quality rather than quantity. Anyhow, this is about the Goddess workshop. I get so many questions about the Goddess workshop and what it is, and I thought I would just make a blog post about it.

First thing first, the Goddess workshop was created last year after Christmas here at Lalande. It was the beginning of 2019 and I thought we all could do with a little self-esteem boost. Some of us were a little bit lost and heartbroken, some of us needed a little push, and some (me) was in need of some direction. So, I thought it would be nice to do some exercises to boost our self-esteem and to share our inner thoughts. Stephanie and I had been watching every Marvel movie out there because we needed some inspiration for the upcoming Easter Party which had a super villain/superhero theme. That’s were the Goddess name came in and that’s how we ended up calling it the Goddess workshop! Tadaa!

We just did a Goddess workshop with the girls in Dordogne, which was a fantastic experience. Since Stephanie couldn´t join us there, we are now currently doing another one at Lalande. We finished the two first session last night (around 3 am), and we are doing the last two sessions later this week. I feel so upbeat and energized by doing these workshops and I highly recommend anyone who is interested to give it ago. Since this is my 3rd time organising and leading the workshop I have upgraded the worksheets a little.

The Goddess workshop recipe:

What you will need:

·  A group of friends or family. Doing these worksheets can be a little bit tricky with random strangers. Be around 4-8 people to get that nice balance. It’s also good to have variety of different people into the workshop. Invite your neighbour, cousin, colleague or auntie!

·  Print out the worksheets (I´ll link them down below), use clipboards if you have

·  Pens!! (also, make sure to tell everyone to write clearly, hehe.)

·  Clear your schedule, each session will take anything between 1-2,5 hours. There are 4 sessions in total. You can do the whole session in one day (takes around 6-7 hours), or 2 session per day. I recommend doing it over a course of days.

·  Find a relaxing and private space to be in. We are doing our sessions in the winter salon at Lalande. It´s a cosy and warm room with an open fire. We had candles and brought drinks and snacks. Yesterday, I brought lavender oil and passed it around for everyone to sniff and put on.

·  Background music, make sure to play something soothing for the soul. Last night we played relaxing piano with rain sounds on Spotify.

·  Wear something you feel great in but also comfortable with. You feel the way you look.

The worksheets:

The first worksheet starts off with naming the things you like, appreciate and love about yourself! After 4-5 minuets, pass your worksheet to the left so that everyone gets to add things that they like, love and appreciate about you. When everyone has written something on everyone’s worksheet, take each a turn and read your own worksheet out loud.

The second worksheet is completley new this year and I LOVED it. We all spent a few minuets finishing every scentence, then we read the same scentence each in turn. This took a while, but it was so lovely to hear what everyone had written and the reason behind it.

Yes, this session is about celebrating life and your achievements so far. It´s so easy to focus on the negative rather than the positive and this worksheet will hopefully help you shift your focus and make you feel proud and great about your past. Spend some time filling your worksheet out. When you’re finished take turn to read out loud and talk about what you´ve written. Let the others ask questions if needed.

After some sessions of sharing thoughts, feelings and life experiences it´s finally time to set out goals for yourself. Fill out the worksheet, read it out loud and talk about it. Give each other input and help find strategies to achieve the goals.

When the workshop is finished

Make sure to thank each other for dedicating their time to the workshop. Save your worksheets for a rainy day so that you can look at them when you need a little reminder. Invite everyone back for a new Goddess workshop next year! Enjoy xx

Florals with Marie

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I´m alive! Hehe. How are you? I´m about to start making my next how I do my florals video. I am in love with this week’s flowers and I can’t wait to start! I´m working with pink peonies, white snapdragons and a soft pinkish Lisianthus. A very feminine bunch. I also handpicked a lot of foliage yesterday so I´m feeling pretty good about this one.

Anyhow. I have decided to finally start my Youtube journey. I think it is the way to go. I also feel the need to help people, to inspire others. Not just with flowers. I feel very passionately about self-care and mental health and I hope to somehow add that into the mix too. I have no proper strategy for Youtube yet, but I know I have plenty of ideas and I´m already working on my first “proper” youtube video. I´m actually loving the process of finding ideas, doing the research and scripting the video. It´s creative and I love that.

My question to you is, is there anything you would like to see on my Youtube channel? Anything at all?


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Processed with VSCO with fp4 preset

All the thank you letters for my Patreons are now sent off. It was so heartwarming to write to them and see them sent off. Without my Patreon´s I wouldn´t have allowed myself to spend the extra money on flowers every week, especially during these times. Because of them, I´m able to be creative and inspire a lot of people with the florals I make. I get a lot of messages from people who tell me how inspired they are by my pictures and stories. They send me pictures of what they pick in their gardens but also of their finished arrangements. I absolutely love that!

Oh, and please don´t feel like you need to be a Patreon. I don´t expect that at all. Florals with Marie on Patreon is not for everyone and I know that. However, I am so happy I am there. It´s giving me a push towards becoming self-employed while building up my wedding floristry portfolio. I think that’s a good thing.

Right, I´m getting myself a new cuppa and a little chocolate before it´s time to create this week’s florals.

Marie xx


Goddess training again

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I absolutely love these colours, the texture and the dropey look. It´s very me and very feminine.

Anyways. How are you? We had a bbq last night which was really lovely. I had 3 beers and I think my head is punishing me for it today. I can´t say that the sanding downstairs helps much either. They are doing the dining room floorboards today which is right below my bedroom. Hah. Oh well, it will look good in the end. I´m doing my floral video during lunch hour today, which will be great. Got more peonies to play with this time (coral ones), so I´m a little bit excited.

Otherwise, everything is fine. Just fine. I´m doing my best to run 2-3 times per week. I only go in the evenings when it´s a bit cooler. Somehow the pollen doesn’t seem so intruding then. I´m also doing a life “assessment” with myself. If you´ve been reading my blog for over a year, you will know that I did a Goddess workshop at Lalande with Stephanie, Gillian and Donna a year ago. If you want to read it you can click here. If you feel like you need some goddess training too, you can find the links to the spreadsheets that we used. I´m actually going to do it again, just to see how far I have come with myself, my dreams and my goals. Let me know if you try it too.

Hope you have a lovely weekend

Love, Marie