Orgasmic figs – Lalande style

How to make my orgasmic figs

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The first thing you should know is that I don’t follow recipes. I just cook food. I rarely measure what I need, I just “dash in” ingredients until It tastes good. If you want super specific recipes I won’t be your best recipe source, however, I´m told Nic´s lovely Marie is thinking of creating a food-inspired Instagram account. How exciting is that! Let’s follow when she does.

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Anyhow, I´ll finally spill the beans on my orgasmic figs. The dish is perfect as a starter but also for dessert. I picked almost everything from the kitchen garden at Lalande when I made this dish.

I´m a big believer in using what you have. In old Norwegian tongue, we say “Man tar det man haver”. I often find myself browsing the internet for food inspiration but I rarely follow the recipe. I like to do things my way, I like to improvise and besides how often does it happened that you actually have all the ingredients? Anyhow, let’s start.

Here is what you will need per person:

1 x fig

3-4 x slices of a green apple, you can also use peaches

a little chunk of blue cheese, or any cheese you have in the fridge. However, the blue cheese is part of what gives out the “orgasmic” flavour

A handful of mint leaves

1-3 pieces of blackberries or raspberries

Then you will need brown sugar, salted butter and oil.


Here is what you do:

1. start off with gently cutting your mint leaves. Some smaller pieces, some bigger. Add all the mint into a bowl. Then add a few clunks of olive oil and mix it up. I love when the oil starts to get green in colour

2. get a frying pan and turn on to medium heat. Add too much butter because life is short. Then add brown sugar

3. slice your figs in half and add them into your frying pan when the sugar has melted with the butter. Gently caramelise the figs. You want them to be golden and glittery. Not brown and soggy

4. Add your slices of apples into the frying pan last minute or so. I love when the apple slices have a thin layer of sugar on them

Right. Let´s plate the food – the fun part.

Lift the caramelised figs gently with a helpful spoon and place two figs next to each other onto the plate. Then layer the sliced apples somehow next to each other, it needs to look sensual…. Be creative. Then, over to the mint “sauce”, use a spoon and drip the sauce around the plate but also a little on the figs and apples. Make sure you get some of those chunks of mint onto the plate as well. Add them gently around. However, more is not always more. Next up is the blue cheese that you obviously have taken out of the fridge by now. Break up small pieces of the cheese and add them to the centre. Not too far away from each other. Right. Finish of by adding a few blackberries for an extra splash of colour as well as a contrast to the sweet flavours.

I hope you find them incredibly orgasmic!

Bonne appetite xx