100K party


Time went by so quickly today, I´ve been writing Christmas cards and making garlands for the adventcalendar + I cooked dinner. I feel like I´ve done a lot today, but not necessarily what I wanted to achieve. Hah. I am sure a few of you can relate? Especially during these days.

from earlier today. I prefer to make garlands from scratch (the proper floristry way hehe), but since Stephanie already have plastic ones with lights on, I´ve freshed up these ones by attaching real greenery to them. Philip brought yummy Christmas tea.

Here is a few photos from my Instagram stories:

we had a little party last night celebrating Stephanies 100K, which was great fun. I feel so lucky to live in a community here at Lalande where we can still dress up for a party and laugh together. I borrowed this beautiful dress from Stephanie. Love her wardrobe

Hope youré all well? The house is slowly changing these days, some are leaving while others are arriving. Looking forward to celebrating Christmas here and to also see old Lalanders again. We´re doing Secret Santa!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

Update from chateau de la lande


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The chateau is filled with flowers and silence this afternoon, and I believe the Lalanders are happy with a relaxed Thursday. The last couple of days have been hectic, to say the least, but in the right way. We have been doing various renovation work while also having the loveliest B&B-guests dining with us. Oh, and did I mention the camera crew who´ve been following us around for the last couple of days? I´m afraid I can´t tell you anything specific, but I do hope you all will be watching when the episodes come out.

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I absolutely love that we can go out to the greenhouse and get vegetables for our dinners. I made a feisty salad for one of the dinners, lettuce and radish from the greenhouse. Then red onions, garlic, parsley, coriander, squash, peppers and loads of oranges. The dressing was a classic honey and mustard combo. So yummy.

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While we were filming, I had to drop off Mike and Pauline (two of our B&B guests) to their private aeroplane. The couple lives in the middle of the UK and was on holiday, visiting France. They are on a round trip, visiting a few of the chateaus in the series (Escape to the Chateau DIY). Seems like a dream to be able to fly around wherever you like. You can watch their goodbye on my Instagram story, click here.

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We´ve been eating in the entrance hall for the last couple of days, the room fits more people than our kitchen table. I love the white open space, and especially the window view from both sides.

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Flowers from the garden, love the purple palettes from the iris and lilac

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Roses from the garden, they smell so heavenly

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Things are finally getting back to normal here, filming days have their way of turning things upside down. Haha! The next couple of weeks we are busy with new guests, and a few whole rentals. We have a few workawayers leaving and also some new coming. June and July will be more hectic, we have lots of bookings while also having our workshops in July. There are also a few weddings here too, I really hope that I get to do some bridal flowers. Haha. The joys I get from living in this house is a true blessing.

If you want to see more of our everyday life at Lalande, click into my instagram here.