On Instagram

Hello lovelies, happy Saturday I´ve had a wonderful and very relaxed start to the weekend. Well, if relaxing means having a tidy floral studio aaand bedroom, then yes. Heh. I had a very productive day yesterday, and I felt good. Happy! I actually spent the whole evening by myself, just recharging. I did feel a … Continue reading On Instagram


Good evening lovelies. I´ve been sorting out my studio a little today, well it actually took me more time then planned but I´m happy with the changes. Sometimes you just need to change things up, especially if you feel a little bit stuck mentally. I must be honest and say that I don´t have much … Continue reading Weekend

Le fleur

Hello from Hunfleur How are you? I´ve just had the most loveliest day, and I am so happy. I´m currently in Normandie at Chateau Gonneville sur Honfleur visiting Anna and Philip. They have the most beautiful little Chateau which I´m completley in love with. I´ve been making florals and shooting content all day and we … Continue reading Le fleur

The velvet sofa

Hello everyone, how are you? I can´t beleive it´s time for another blogpost, time goes by so quickly, or am I the only one? Heh. Anyways, here are a few photos from Instagram stories. The picture above is from New Years Eve, I really liked the dress I wore. Should wear green more often. It´s … Continue reading The velvet sofa

I love my own company

First Thursday of 2021. Yay Hi lovelies. I have re-arranged my studio and taken down the Christmas decorations, well not all of it (big house you know, hehe). I like to start the new year feeling refreshed and ready. I´ve been feeling very peaceful and happy this week, especially today. I´ve had a lot of … Continue reading I love my own company

Happy New Year

So it begins, the New Year. 2021. We had a lovely party last night, which I feel incredibly blessed about. Living in a community of people has had its perks during this pandemic. I served cocktails from the cocktail corner, we did whiskey sour, cucumber g&t´s and an interesting espresso martini. There was canapes, turkey … Continue reading Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

Hello lovelies. Just me popping in on Christmas Eve, or what we call “Juleaften” in Norway. It´s been a busy but good day. I´ve made table garlands for tomorrow´s Christmas dinner and I´ve just finished. We´re having a cocktail party tonight with canapes and I´ve already sampled the vegetarian sushi (It was amazing!!) All I … Continue reading Merry Christmas

100K party

Weekend! Time went by so quickly today, I´ve been writing Christmas cards and making garlands for the adventcalendar + I cooked dinner. I feel like I´ve done a lot today, but not necessarily what I wanted to achieve. Hah. I am sure a few of you can relate? Especially during these days. from earlier today. … Continue reading 100K party

4 months in France

Hello lovelies! It´s time for a new blog post. If you follow me on Instagram (mariewiik1), you will know that I have decided to get back to blogging again. Yay!.. So, every Thursday I´ll write a blog post. I hope to write more in the future, but I´ll start easy and see how I go. … Continue reading 4 months in France

I´ve started packing

Hey everyone. How are you? I thought I would pop in and say hello. I don’t like it when I stay away from my blog too long, but my new Youtube adventure has taken a lot of my time lately. Hopefully, I´ll be able to film and edit much quicker moving forward. I miss writing … Continue reading I´ve started packing


I told you I would show you my sock mask. It took me about 2 minutes to make after carefully watching a youtube video. God, I love Youtube. Or just the internet. You can learn anything you want and it´s kind of free. Hehe I´ve been having a few interesting days lately. Because of the … Continue reading Hayfever

17th of May celebrations

Hey, lovelies. Today´s been a great day, and so sunny and warm too. This is the 2nd year I´m celebrating the 17th of May away from home and it feels strange. I´ve grown up with celebrating this day! Walking in parades with our school, waving flags, eating ice cream and hot dogs. Being with family … Continue reading 17th of May celebrations

Glutenfree & microwaved

What a lovely day. I´ve had the honour of working with these beauties today, although the chrysanthemum was a bit difficult (well, not my favourite flower, but one must make do with what one has). Right, my floral tutorial for Monday is almost done, just needs a quick edit. I love how the arrangement turned … Continue reading Glutenfree & microwaved

Peonies in my basement

Finally peonies. I found them at Tesco this morning. You can imagine my utter joy when I saw them. I´ve already used them for a new IGTV video I´m making. I´ll be using them for another quirky floral tomorrow. Anyways. It´s a beautiful and sunny day today, although it´s windy and cold. So strange after … Continue reading Peonies in my basement

Exciting times ahead

The times goes by so quick. I hope you had a lovely Easter? I sure did! I´m really enjoying my days. I´m picking flowers, going for walks, practicing my floristry, talking to you guys and working on quite a few projects. While doing a little vlogging for Instagram I´m also planning to launch my patreon … Continue reading Exciting times ahead

Loving this time

Happy Easter Hey, and how are you? My days during this lockdown are incredibly pleasent and I am very greatful. Love having all this time to just breath, think and do all things I been wanting to do for ages. I don´t know about you, but spring makes me feel so at peace. For every … Continue reading Loving this time

Home, but thats okay

Hey lovlies. Hope your all well despite whats going on in the world right now. I’m at home as many others and I’m making sure to keep busy every day. My alarm goes off around 8.00am every morning. Keeping routines has become very important these days. I’ve just watched Isabelle’s wedding on Escape to the … Continue reading Home, but thats okay

Under process

Just to let you all know, I´m currently under the process of changing things around here. As much as I would love to be a high-tech coder or a graphic designer, I´m not. Things take time when you’re as indecisive as me. It will look pretty in the end. Marie x Continue reading Under process

To the Cotswolds

SUNDAY Hello, How are you today? Right now I´m in Steph´s apartment in London. We´ve been watching a movie and catching up tonight. We had an amazing day yesterday, first lunch at the Woodsman with Mike in Stratford-upon-aven and then back to Mike and Claude’s house in the Cotswolds. I absolutely loved yesterday. So much … Continue reading To the Cotswolds