Florals with Marie

I´m alive! Hehe. How are you? I´m about to start making my next how I do my florals video. I am in love with this week’s flowers and I can’t wait to start! I´m working with pink peonies, white snapdragons and a soft pinkish Lisianthus. A very feminine bunch. I also handpicked a lot of … Continue reading Florals with Marie

Goddess training again

I absolutely love these colours, the texture and the dropey look. It´s very me and very feminine. Anyways. How are you? We had a bbq last night which was really lovely. I had 3 beers and I think my head is punishing me for it today. I can´t say that the sanding downstairs helps much … Continue reading Goddess training again


I told you I would show you my sock mask. It took me about 2 minutes to make after carefully watching a youtube video. God, I love Youtube. Or just the internet. You can learn anything you want and it´s kind of free. Hehe I´ve been having a few interesting days lately. Because of the … Continue reading Hayfever

17th of May celebrations

Hey, lovelies. Today´s been a great day, and so sunny and warm too. This is the 2nd year I´m celebrating the 17th of May away from home and it feels strange. I´ve grown up with celebrating this day! Walking in parades with our school, waving flags, eating ice cream and hot dogs. Being with family … Continue reading 17th of May celebrations

Peonies in my basement

Finally peonies. I found them at Tesco this morning. You can imagine my utter joy when I saw them. I´ve already used them for a new IGTV video I´m making. I´ll be using them for another quirky floral tomorrow. Anyways. It´s a beautiful and sunny day today, although it´s windy and cold. So strange after … Continue reading Peonies in my basement

My Christmas

Merry Christmas Heavens, this Christmas has gone so fast and now its all about to end. However, I did manage to get some time to drink mulled wine and watch the Hobbit films. I always watch the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Harry Potter around Christmas time. It´s become my own little tradition … Continue reading My Christmas

Since last time

Hey Wednesday the blue colour It´s Christmas and there is no escaping it. Time goes so quickly, can´t believe I have to start feeling guilty about Christmas presents already. I always feel guilty because there is so many who deserves some love and attention, a letter, a small gift, a big gift, a phone call … Continue reading Since last time

The stables

The Stable project Finally, the time has come to show you all the “behind the scenes” on the Stable project. I absolutely loved every bit of this transformation. Stephanie managed to create a beautiful space for creativity and inspiration. One of the things I adore with Steph is her ability to envision absolutely anything. It … Continue reading The stables

Settled in Bury

Hello lovely I´m finally here. I´m so incredibly happy and grateful for my new start here in Bury. I already have a few ideas for new blog posts so stay tuned. I can´t wait to show you my life here. I thought I could start with my bedroom first. It´s a beautiful room with lots … Continue reading Settled in Bury

When animales get sick

  Our little peahen has been sick this week. It all started with spotting her lying on the grass and not moving. We discovered that she couldn’t move, and we immediately thought that she must have been hit by a car. It turned out that she has been suffering from a heatstroke. We took her … Continue reading When animales get sick

Friday night

Time goes so quickly here, we´re in the middle of the summer season. Crazy. The musical workshops are around the corner, and I´m kind of looking forward to it. Lots of new faces, music playing all day, prepping and serving food. Good times a head. Today was a busy but great day, and I just … Continue reading Friday night


HEY! I´ve just started repainting Des Oiseaux (one of the B&B-bedrooms) and I´m hoping to finish within a few days. I´m only doing the wooden frames and the doors, but it´s much needed. Looking forward to seeing the finished results. There is always something that needs doing around here. So, what else? Well, we still … Continue reading Repainting

Busy Lalanders

Hello David´s glutenfree chocolate cake with peanut cream Hey, all you lovely people Hope your all having some sunny and warm spring weather. Lalande is covered in beautiful and bloomy scenery at the moment. It´s so beautiful, so peaceful. Just gorgeous basically. I don´t mean to brag, but spring is finally at Lalande and  I … Continue reading Busy Lalanders

En del av stedet

Nå var det på tide å skrive litt på norsk kjente jeg. Det er litt godt å få utrykke seg litt på sitt eget morsmål. Noen ganger, når det går for lenge så stokker det seg grundig opp i munn. Det høres ikke pent ut. Uansett, jeg håper dere alle er med godt mot og … Continue reading En del av stedet

The Easter Party

What a party! This year’s Easter Party is now over at Lalande, but what a party we had. Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes, and people were dancing all night. My superhero outfit was a healer, I was “Iben” from Sweeden. Hehe. I had a hillarious and fun evening, so much fun and lots of … Continue reading The Easter Party

I feel so blessed

Flowers from the garden Hey lovelies, April is finally here, my favourite month of the year. Not because it´s my birthday month (haha), but because spring is finally arriving. I´m sitting in Stephanie’s study and gazing towards the view outside. It’s so ridiculous beautiful here, and it´s also getting greener and greener for every day … Continue reading I feel so blessed

Back on track

Happy Gaad, for en helg dere. Den har vært så busy men også veldig spennende! Vi har som dere kanskje har fått med dere, hatt et 70-årslag her i helgen. Alle soverom har vært okkupert av gjester og vi har laget middag til over 40 mennesker! Det har vært så fint å få se nye … Continue reading Back on track

Bloomy Sunday

Love this time of year Spring I just love spring, even if it makes my eyes itchy and my body feverish. Spring means a new start for everything! There are so many beautiful greens and florals that makes my florist heart jump. Spring also means it´s soon my birthday! Woho! I´m turning 28 and I´m … Continue reading Bloomy Sunday