On Instagram

Hello lovelies, happy Saturday I´ve had a wonderful and very relaxed start to the weekend. Well, if relaxing means having a tidy floral studio aaand bedroom, then yes. Heh. I had a very productive day yesterday, and I felt good. Happy! I actually spent the whole evening by myself, just recharging. I did feel a … Continue reading On Instagram


Good evening lovelies. I´ve been sorting out my studio a little today, well it actually took me more time then planned but I´m happy with the changes. Sometimes you just need to change things up, especially if you feel a little bit stuck mentally. I must be honest and say that I don´t have much … Continue reading Weekend

Le fleur

Hello from Hunfleur How are you? I´ve just had the most loveliest day, and I am so happy. I´m currently in Normandie at Chateau Gonneville sur Honfleur visiting Anna and Philip. They have the most beautiful little Chateau which I´m completley in love with. I´ve been making florals and shooting content all day and we … Continue reading Le fleur

The velvet sofa

Hello everyone, how are you? I can´t beleive it´s time for another blogpost, time goes by so quickly, or am I the only one? Heh. Anyways, here are a few photos from Instagram stories. The picture above is from New Years Eve, I really liked the dress I wore. Should wear green more often. It´s … Continue reading The velvet sofa

I love my own company

First Thursday of 2021. Yay Hi lovelies. I have re-arranged my studio and taken down the Christmas decorations, well not all of it (big house you know, hehe). I like to start the new year feeling refreshed and ready. I´ve been feeling very peaceful and happy this week, especially today. I´ve had a lot of … Continue reading I love my own company

Happy New Year

So it begins, the New Year. 2021. We had a lovely party last night, which I feel incredibly blessed about. Living in a community of people has had its perks during this pandemic. I served cocktails from the cocktail corner, we did whiskey sour, cucumber g&t´s and an interesting espresso martini. There was canapes, turkey … Continue reading Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

Hello lovelies. Just me popping in on Christmas Eve, or what we call “Juleaften” in Norway. It´s been a busy but good day. I´ve made table garlands for tomorrow´s Christmas dinner and I´ve just finished. We´re having a cocktail party tonight with canapes and I´ve already sampled the vegetarian sushi (It was amazing!!) All I … Continue reading Merry Christmas

100K party

Weekend! Time went by so quickly today, I´ve been writing Christmas cards and making garlands for the adventcalendar + I cooked dinner. I feel like I´ve done a lot today, but not necessarily what I wanted to achieve. Hah. I am sure a few of you can relate? Especially during these days. from earlier today. … Continue reading 100K party

4 months in France

Hello lovelies! It´s time for a new blog post. If you follow me on Instagram (mariewiik1), you will know that I have decided to get back to blogging again. Yay!.. So, every Thursday I´ll write a blog post. I hope to write more in the future, but I´ll start easy and see how I go. … Continue reading 4 months in France

I´ve started packing

Hey everyone. How are you? I thought I would pop in and say hello. I don’t like it when I stay away from my blog too long, but my new Youtube adventure has taken a lot of my time lately. Hopefully, I´ll be able to film and edit much quicker moving forward. I miss writing … Continue reading I´ve started packing

Florals with Marie

I´m alive! Hehe. How are you? I´m about to start making my next how I do my florals video. I am in love with this week’s flowers and I can’t wait to start! I´m working with pink peonies, white snapdragons and a soft pinkish Lisianthus. A very feminine bunch. I also handpicked a lot of … Continue reading Florals with Marie

Goddess training again

I absolutely love these colours, the texture and the dropey look. It´s very me and very feminine. Anyways. How are you? We had a bbq last night which was really lovely. I had 3 beers and I think my head is punishing me for it today. I can´t say that the sanding downstairs helps much … Continue reading Goddess training again


I told you I would show you my sock mask. It took me about 2 minutes to make after carefully watching a youtube video. God, I love Youtube. Or just the internet. You can learn anything you want and it´s kind of free. Hehe I´ve been having a few interesting days lately. Because of the … Continue reading Hayfever

17th of May celebrations

Hey, lovelies. Today´s been a great day, and so sunny and warm too. This is the 2nd year I´m celebrating the 17th of May away from home and it feels strange. I´ve grown up with celebrating this day! Walking in parades with our school, waving flags, eating ice cream and hot dogs. Being with family … Continue reading 17th of May celebrations

Glutenfree & microwaved

What a lovely day. I´ve had the honour of working with these beauties today, although the chrysanthemum was a bit difficult (well, not my favourite flower, but one must make do with what one has). Right, my floral tutorial for Monday is almost done, just needs a quick edit. I love how the arrangement turned … Continue reading Glutenfree & microwaved

Peonies in my basement

Finally peonies. I found them at Tesco this morning. You can imagine my utter joy when I saw them. I´ve already used them for a new IGTV video I´m making. I´ll be using them for another quirky floral tomorrow. Anyways. It´s a beautiful and sunny day today, although it´s windy and cold. So strange after … Continue reading Peonies in my basement

Exciting times ahead

The times goes by so quick. I hope you had a lovely Easter? I sure did! I´m really enjoying my days. I´m picking flowers, going for walks, practicing my floristry, talking to you guys and working on quite a few projects. While doing a little vlogging for Instagram I´m also planning to launch my patreon … Continue reading Exciting times ahead

Loving this time

Happy Easter Hey, and how are you? My days during this lockdown are incredibly pleasent and I am very greatful. Love having all this time to just breath, think and do all things I been wanting to do for ages. I don´t know about you, but spring makes me feel so at peace. For every … Continue reading Loving this time

Home, but thats okay

Hey lovlies. Hope your all well despite whats going on in the world right now. I’m at home as many others and I’m making sure to keep busy every day. My alarm goes off around 8.00am every morning. Keeping routines has become very important these days. I’ve just watched Isabelle’s wedding on Escape to the … Continue reading Home, but thats okay

Under process

Just to let you all know, I´m currently under the process of changing things around here. As much as I would love to be a high-tech coder or a graphic designer, I´m not. Things take time when you’re as indecisive as me. It will look pretty in the end. Marie x Continue reading Under process

My Christmas

Merry Christmas Heavens, this Christmas has gone so fast and now its all about to end. However, I did manage to get some time to drink mulled wine and watch the Hobbit films. I always watch the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Harry Potter around Christmas time. It´s become my own little tradition … Continue reading My Christmas

Days off

Yay, I got some days off and I’m currently staying in Davids flat with Joanna. We have been browsing through Cambridge today, which was a lot of fun. We shared a bottle of Marlbourough wine, had vegetarian and glutenfree pizza, ate crêpes (also glutenfree, I know. It was heaven) and talked and laughed a lot. … Continue reading Days off

Now and then

Hey Monday 🍀 I’ve been at Lalande since Friday and it’s been a real joy to be here. Felt really good to see everyone and take part in various festivities. Had too much cheese but other than that I’ve been very good. I’m home now and have spent the afternoon organising and packing out, which … Continue reading Now and then

Since last time

Hey Wednesday the blue colour It´s Christmas and there is no escaping it. Time goes so quickly, can´t believe I have to start feeling guilty about Christmas presents already. I always feel guilty because there is so many who deserves some love and attention, a letter, a small gift, a big gift, a phone call … Continue reading Since last time

Love living here

Hello Wednesday 🍀 I´m back but not in Bury, I´m currently at David´s house in Great Chesterford. Gillian´s house is going through some extensive work these days and it´s best to just keep out of the way. The following week or so will be interesting, where to sleep, shower and eat. Haha! Anyways, It feels … Continue reading Love living here

The stables

The Stable project Finally, the time has come to show you all the “behind the scenes” on the Stable project. I absolutely loved every bit of this transformation. Stephanie managed to create a beautiful space for creativity and inspiration. One of the things I adore with Steph is her ability to envision absolutely anything. It … Continue reading The stables

To the Cotswolds

SUNDAY Hello, How are you today? Right now I´m in Steph´s apartment in London. We´ve been watching a movie and catching up tonight. We had an amazing day yesterday, first lunch at the Woodsman with Mike in Stratford-upon-aven and then back to Mike and Claude’s house in the Cotswolds. I absolutely loved yesterday. So much … Continue reading To the Cotswolds


Yay Saturday How are you today? I´m feeling happy and excited. Bury is warm this week and I´ve actually been wearing summer clothes. I love the long summer and I hope autumn will be as pleasant too. Since we last spoke I´ve managed to get a job! YAY! After a few interviews here and there, … Continue reading NEW JOB

Settled in Bury

Hello lovely I´m finally here. I´m so incredibly happy and grateful for my new start here in Bury. I already have a few ideas for new blog posts so stay tuned. I can´t wait to show you my life here. I thought I could start with my bedroom first. It´s a beautiful room with lots … Continue reading Settled in Bury

A quick trip to Bordeaux, a naked photoshoot and my goals for today

Hey you! Finally and dear God, so much have happened since we last spoke here. Sorry about that. We`ve been busy with workshops (we´re having the last one now), but also had friends and family staying, filming and the naked photoshoot. ++.  I´ve also had my best friend Lydia and her mom staying at Lalande. … Continue reading A quick trip to Bordeaux, a naked photoshoot and my goals for today

When animales get sick

  Our little peahen has been sick this week. It all started with spotting her lying on the grass and not moving. We discovered that she couldn’t move, and we immediately thought that she must have been hit by a car. It turned out that she has been suffering from a heatstroke. We took her … Continue reading When animales get sick

Happy Monday from Lalande

Hello! 🧡 love this bohemian summer dresses I can´t believe it´s been 10 days since I last posted something! Wow. Sorry about that, it´s been busy lately. Hehe! As I write this, I can hear classical music from all corners of Lalande. The musical workshop started yesterday and will continue until Saturday. Stephanie cooked for … Continue reading Happy Monday from Lalande

Friday night

Time goes so quickly here, we´re in the middle of the summer season. Crazy. The musical workshops are around the corner, and I´m kind of looking forward to it. Lots of new faces, music playing all day, prepping and serving food. Good times a head. Today was a busy but great day, and I just … Continue reading Friday night

Summer had me like

Happy Friday! I can´t believe these colours, the flowers in the garden are so beautiful now. The peonies are starting to pop out, and our rose-trees are beginning to fill up with the most stunning roses. It´s a fairytale land at Lalande these days, well, especially for a florist! I can´t really tell you anything … Continue reading Summer had me like


HELLO Treat yourself! I´ve wanted to go to the supermarket to get some beauty products, and when I saw Percy heading out this morning, I couldn’t resist coming along. You know the type of products you have to see for yourself? The ones you love taking time picking out. I´m not much out of the … Continue reading SPA DAY AT HOME

Choosing to be happy

Hello everyone! LOVE THIS KIMONO CRYSTALS What a few busy days, jeez. It´s been so hectic lately, and I´ve felt like I did last summer. Overworked and tired. Haha. The only difference is that the weather is far better and that my savings account won’t be as significant by the end of the summer. I´m … Continue reading Choosing to be happy

10 thoughts

Hello from Lalande 10 thoughts right now 1. It´s hot, and I love it. Love sitting outside in the sun just looking at the landscape. 2. Life as a single is …….. 3. I´m giving myself a lot of guilt these days, and it´s affecting my mood for sure. I feel really guilty when I … Continue reading 10 thoughts


HEY! I´ve just started repainting Des Oiseaux (one of the B&B-bedrooms) and I´m hoping to finish within a few days. I´m only doing the wooden frames and the doors, but it´s much needed. Looking forward to seeing the finished results. There is always something that needs doing around here. So, what else? Well, we still … Continue reading Repainting

Love the simple things

GOOD EVENING What a great day. I´ve been doing so much stuff today, good god. So much energy. Everything from small DIY-projects, animal care, painting, laundry, cleaning, check-inn and baking. I really love the simplicity of living in the countryside and here at Lalande. I had a few hours for my self today. I love … Continue reading Love the simple things

Finally Friday

Hello!  From Norwich last year How is everyone doing? I´m afraid I´ve been too busy to even think about blogging, but it´s Friday evening and my free time has finally arrived. Jen and Kayley (our workawayers) have now left us, and that makes me sad! They were both such sunny and positive people. I really … Continue reading Finally Friday

Busy Lalanders

Hello David´s glutenfree chocolate cake with peanut cream Hey, all you lovely people Hope your all having some sunny and warm spring weather. Lalande is covered in beautiful and bloomy scenery at the moment. It´s so beautiful, so peaceful. Just gorgeous basically. I don´t mean to brag, but spring is finally at Lalande and  I … Continue reading Busy Lalanders

En del av stedet

Nå var det på tide å skrive litt på norsk kjente jeg. Det er litt godt å få utrykke seg litt på sitt eget morsmål. Noen ganger, når det går for lenge så stokker det seg grundig opp i munn. Det høres ikke pent ut. Uansett, jeg håper dere alle er med godt mot og … Continue reading En del av stedet

The Easter Party

What a party! This year’s Easter Party is now over at Lalande, but what a party we had. Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes, and people were dancing all night. My superhero outfit was a healer, I was “Iben” from Sweeden. Hehe. I had a hillarious and fun evening, so much fun and lots of … Continue reading The Easter Party

A trip to Bourges

Hey everyone Cathédrale Saint-Etienne de Bourges Hey guys! Long time no see.. Having friends over is heavenly, but it´s also time-consuming. I like to be as present as possible when I´m around friends and that’s why haven´t blogged for a few days. I haven´t seen Joanna since September last year, and it was just pure … Continue reading A trip to Bourges

I feel so blessed

Flowers from the garden Hey lovelies, April is finally here, my favourite month of the year. Not because it´s my birthday month (haha), but because spring is finally arriving. I´m sitting in Stephanie’s study and gazing towards the view outside. It’s so ridiculous beautiful here, and it´s also getting greener and greener for every day … Continue reading I feel so blessed

Back on track

Happy Gaad, for en helg dere. Den har vært så busy men også veldig spennende! Vi har som dere kanskje har fått med dere, hatt et 70-årslag her i helgen. Alle soverom har vært okkupert av gjester og vi har laget middag til over 40 mennesker! Det har vært så fint å få se nye … Continue reading Back on track

Bloomy Sunday

Love this time of year Spring I just love spring, even if it makes my eyes itchy and my body feverish. Spring means a new start for everything! There are so many beautiful greens and florals that makes my florist heart jump. Spring also means it´s soon my birthday! Woho! I´m turning 28 and I´m … Continue reading Bloomy Sunday

Out in the garden

Finally Friday! We had another beautiful and sunny day here at Lalande. Mary Poppins (our wonder woman) came today and did a lot of gardening. When the weather is nice and there aren’t any pressing jobs inside the Chateau, we really love that she wants to help us in the garden. I might not understand … Continue reading Out in the garden

The annual Easter Party

busy day Hey everyone! What a productive day, I´ve been cleaning, painting, shopping and cooking today (housewife material?). It´s always so fun to go to the French supermarket or any international supermarket for that matter. Besides our regular things I also got some delicious stuff for me and Stephanies picnic tomorrow. Yay! The weather is … Continue reading The annual Easter Party

Just the two of us

the evil sheep and his followers Sometimes living at Lalande feels so unreal, how did I end up living in this magical place? The weather has been beautiful today and Stephanie said we could expect up to 17 degrees this week! I want spring and summer to be warm and velcoming, and this is a … Continue reading Just the two of us

2 weeks alone

had a pink buble bath today Hey everyone. I´m alive and full of guilt for not blogging much lately. What can I say? I´m full of excuses, but I guess the biggest one is that I somehow feel like my life is on hold. My phone. My precious. I sent it to Norway and all … Continue reading 2 weeks alone

the green love

my breakfast from yesterday – culinary art school next Hey lovelies, I´ve had no wifi the last couple of evenings and I´m beginning to wonder if it´s going to ba regular thing. Well, I´m making sure to use the wifi during the days, I´m not suffering much. Actually, it´s been kind of liberating to have … Continue reading the green love

Me and my bff

Hey everyone. I´m so happy today, my breasts are back to normal. Yay. Haha. Last night the wifi disappeared and I had no wifi until this morning. I´ve realised today that I really needed to be disconnected. Sometimes it´s so easy to get caught up in this social media world, and actually, forget about life … Continue reading Me and my bff


Our male peacock is so beautiful, this is the first time I´ve seen him do this. Spring is coming for sure. listening to the waterfall It´s so quiet here now, after Zeta, Andreas and Mary left. I kind of love it, and the wifi is so much better. I´m making sure I´m enjoying it as … Continue reading Peacocks

My new bedroom

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It´s been a busy weekend here at the Chateau (as busy goes in the countryside). I´ve been driving Andreas and Mary off to Chateauroux and I can´t believe we´ve spent 4 months together. It´s not always easy living with new people, but I must say these 4 months, … Continue reading My new bedroom

Going green

spring, please come soon Hey everyone, I had a few days of just living and enjoying life, haha. It´s so peaceful here at the Chateau. We just finished a Lord of the Rings marathon! I´m a huge science fiction fan. We also had some B&B guests that also kept us busy. Good to be back … Continue reading Going green


rainy sunday Love this raincoat from Lindex. I bought this jacket in Lofoten last year, somehow that makes It feel a bit more special. I love Lofoten so much. I would love to go back sometime this year. Maybe. Savner dere alle. Chateau de la lande Last night´s dinner party was so fun and heartwarming, … Continue reading Sunday

Brilliant people

I have been doing some really nice jobs today. One was finding some green plants and replanting them in pots. I´ve also done the last of the prep for tomorrows filming. Tomorrow the tv-crew is coming to film various renovations at the Chateau. The greenhouse is having a major makeover and I´m so excited to … Continue reading Brilliant people

Slow morning

Morning, It´s getting colder and colder here at Laland and I´m afraid I´m not the viking I thought I was. Maybe being in the UK and France since September have changed my tolerance for cold weather. Haha. I don´t know. I´m so cold, luckily I have my electric blanket in my bed. Guys, it`s the … Continue reading Slow morning

Today`s brunch

  Leftover flowers and leftover food Love cheeze Today has been such a productive day, yaaay. Cleaning and tidying up after Christmas is actually fun and a little bit liberating. Almost a bit satisfying in a way! The feeling of starting the new year with a clean house is heavenly, I love it. I know … Continue reading Today`s brunch

Happy New Year

Herrefred, 2019. Jeg har hatt skikkelig juleferie, spesielt når Jamie har vært her. Mobiler har vært lagt til side og vi har bare nytet hvert øyeblikk. Føler meg så avslappet men veldig klar for et nytt år. Chateauet har vært fylt opp med masse folk noe som har gjort julen veldig livlig. Vi har hatt … Continue reading Happy New Year

God Jul

Endelig. Kveldens cocktail party er over og nå er jeg i sengen med Jamie sovende ved siden av meg. Jeg har gitt han min side av sengen selv om det var litt tøft, men det er jo jul, en tid for å gi litt ekstra? Hehe. Det har vært en nydelig kveld med mange fine … Continue reading God Jul

Mye å gjøre

Å gud, det er faktisk jul snart. Det føles som om det er evigheter siden jeg har blogget, og det er kanskje det også. Ops! Jeg har vært veldig busy, tankefull (som vanlig) og pittelitt trøtt. Det er mye som skjer på Chateauet og nå er det bare noen få dager til hele Chateauet skal … Continue reading Mye å gjøre


Hey. These days ey. Her går det unna med julebinderiet. Jeg har laget en stor krans til porten og to 3-meter lange gelendere. Jeg har 2-3 gelendere til før 10 kranser skal produseres. Jeg håper på å bli ferdig i løpet av tirsdag eller onsdag. Etter det skal tiden frem til jul brukes til å … Continue reading Juleproduksjon

“How to”

  Bilde: Jamie Ny header? Kanskje senere. Jamie tok noen fine bilder av meg da jeg var i London. Han synes det er veldig spennende med fotografi, noe som passer meg bra. Det er så fint å kunne se andre gløde av glede når de gjør noe de virkelig liker. Som mange andre synes jeg … Continue reading “How to”


Dagene går unna ass. Plutselig ble det desember, hvor ble det av oktober og november? Denne julen skal bli virkelig fin. Det skal bare nytes, og det på ordentlig. Siden Chateauet skal bli filmet under julen så må jo alt se passe bra ut. Jeg har fått satt opp et workshop-rom som bare er for … Continue reading Workshop

Fin tirsdag

Så godt å være tilbake igjen. Det har vært en ganske effektiv dag, jeg har gjort klart de siste rommene, startet med julegodteri-produksjon, satt salat i jorda og høstet masse fint fra skogen. Fin dag. Chateau De la land Chateauet i ettermiddag, dere kan se at her er det ikke mye snø. Det er veldig … Continue reading Fin tirsdag


sola midt i trynet Her får dere et knippe bilder av dagene i London. Været var vekslende men vi hadde deilig vær på den dagen vi reiste mest rundt i London. Heldig. Det kunne ikke ha vært et bedre besøk. Jeg har fått sett litt av det mest nødvendige, men også fått snuset på det … Continue reading Bildedryss

Tilbake til Chateauet

London Liverpool street London Liverpool Street under rush hour. Det er så mange mennesker her, det er helt uvirkelig, men det er kanskje ikke så rart når det bor nesten 10 millioner mennesker her. På vei hjem Akkurat nå er jeg på London Stansted Airport. Jeg skal reise tilbake til Frankriket og Chateau De La … Continue reading Tilbake til Chateauet

Mer fransk takk

Hei fine, dagen i dag har mye funnet sted i sengen og det har vært heftig bra. Det elektriske varmeteppet har vært på hakk nr. 2 noe som er ganske varmt, men sykt digg. Jeg har sett masse netflix, mest serier på fransk faktisk. Her skal det læras. En venn av Stephanie, Arno, skal hjelpe … Continue reading Mer fransk takk

Tiden for å være inne

linservietter En av mine guilty pleasures er å få dekke opp bord. Glem stratos og brunost med smør. Det å få dekke opp et nydelig bord med linservietter, stearinlys og krystallglass, det er en av de mest givende tingene jeg kan gjøre. Tallerkner som matcher men gir kontrast, glass som gir helhet til oppdekkingen. Bestikket … Continue reading Tiden for å være inne

Denne tiden

flower arranging Yaaay. Endelig dugelig internett igjen, hehe. Tror det har gått nesten en uke siden jeg sist blogget. Har hatt litt noia, men jeg tror det går bra. Skal heller svette litt mer når bloggen begynner å bli et levebrød. Hva har skjedd siden sist? Det har vært innmari mange mennesker her, men de … Continue reading Denne tiden

Slow wifi

Jeg lever. Det er bare det at jeg lever i et Chateau som har innmari dårlig internett for tiden. Det tok meg seriøst 20 minutter å laste opp dette bildet. Nå er Stephanies familie tilbake på Chateauet og det er bare kos. Det skal filmes i morgen og på onsdag. Vi skal ha fest på … Continue reading Slow wifi


      Jeg har vært en liten hyperkanin i dag, tror kanskje de 6-7 koppene med kaffe har bidratt til det. Eller. Jeg vet ikke, jeg bare våknet tidlig i dag og hadde masse energi. Kroppen føltes mye bedre og lysten til å gripe dagen var allerede tilstede fra sengen. Digg med en sånn … Continue reading Stuepiken

Ei litta bulk

For en dag. Er det noen som ikke burde hatt lappen så er det kanskje meg. Etter lunsj i dag så kjørte jeg, Andreas og Mary, Natalia til Limoges. Hun skulle hjem til Argentina, noe som vi alle synes er passe dritt. Vi er alle blitt veldig nære her, nesten som en familie. Uansett, på … Continue reading Ei litta bulk

Fua ut av senga

  Jeg våknet opp i dag med tidenes forskjølese føles det som, det å få fua ut av senga var ikke akkurat lett. Nå er den sunne frokosten inntatt (av en eller annen grunn så ønsker kroppen å spise mye mer sunnere når jeg føler meg syk) uansett, nå er det straks ut i hagen. … Continue reading Fua ut av senga


Aigurande Endelig mandag dere. Dagen startet kl. 08.00 med en rolig frokost før meg og Mary begav oss ut til den nærmeste landsbyen. Vi har vært litt tomme for alt de siste dagene, så vi tok på oss jobben med å handle inn. Været har faktisk vært varmt, jeg følte meg faktisk litt varm med … Continue reading Aigurande


Jeg har mange mål, store og små. Noen er mer mål for selve livet og noen er midlertidige mål som vil hjelpe meg med å nå de større målene. Da jeg flyttet til Lofoten tegnet jeg mange mål på flere A4-ark og hang dem opp på baderommet mitt. Hver dag så jeg på målene mine … Continue reading Baderomsmål


  Jeg har innsett at dagen i går var et resultat av et heftig PMS besøk, jeg lå nemlig på soveromsgulvet å grein i går. Alle tingene som hadde hopet seg opp og irritert huden full boblet opp på slutten av kvelden. Jeg hulket tårer samtidig som jeg braste ut i latter, hele scenarioet var … Continue reading PMS-grining

Nye mål

dette skjørtet Tom men ikke så tom. Alene men ikke så alene. Oppgitt. Denne dagen her altså. Den har ikke vært direkte dum, men ingenting har egentlig gått etter planen. Jeg skulle bare jobbe et par timer og ha resten av dagen fri. Plutselig så ble jeg jobbende litt mer enn det jeg tenkte, og … Continue reading Nye mål

Ny kamera linse

Det er så sykt gøy med den nye kamera linsen. Bildene er plutselig blitt mye klarere, det er helt utrolig. Nå gjelder det bare å lære meg å bruke den ordentlig. For se et par youtube videoer til. Av en eller annen grunn så får jeg doble bilder hver gang jeg overfører bildene til Mac. … Continue reading Ny kamera linse

Jeg nyter

litt rød nese elsker at håret mitt vokser seg lengre Dere? Det har snødd i natt. Ja, her hvor det for ikke så lenge siden fortsatt var over 20 varmegrader. Bladene på trærne ligger gule og oransje i hauger rundt i hagen. Det er skikkelig høst. Jeg dro tidlig avgårde til Boulangeriet i dag og … Continue reading Jeg nyter


tid for skjerf Hey. Håper du har en god lørdag? Lørdagen min startet forholdsvis tidlig med en tur til byen hvor jeg tittet innom noen bruktbutikker og lørdagsmarkedet i La Chatre. Det er så fint å kunne få låne bilen slik at man kan komme seg litt ut. Jeg lider ingen nød på Chateauet altså, … Continue reading Lørdagsmarked

Kastanjer til jul

nå er det ikke sommer lenger God fredags kveld!   Det er ikke mye å meddele denne kvelden fra Chateau De La Laland. Det har vært en deilig dag med masse jobbing på gårdsplassen. Dagen startet med en tidlig tur til Boulangeriet og skal straks ende med pizzafest på kjøkkenet. I går hadde vi brettspillkveld … Continue reading Kastanjer til jul

Litt om åpenhet

Det har vært mitt tankespinn i dag, er jeg for åpen om ting? Er det egentlig veldig lurt å ytre seg om alt hodet mitt surrer seg fast i? Noen ganger kan man lett treffe nerver hos andre mennesker og i dag har vært en sånn dag. Jeg blir alltid like overrasket hver gang jeg … Continue reading Litt om åpenhet

Endelig fredag

over 20 varmegrader Hei! Endelig fredag her på Chateauet og det er meldt over 20 varmegrader og sol i ettermiddag. I dag skal jeg fortsette med hagearbeid (evighetsarbeid) og i ettermiddag venter et varmt bad og Chefs Table. Enkelt og greit. J reiser hjem i dag I dag reiser J hjem noe som både er … Continue reading Endelig fredag

Nytt rom

  bøker Hei alle. Endelig har jeg tatt meg en fridag, noe som egentlig ikke er så umulig, det er bare det at det er så innmari morsomt å jobbe. Dagene går i ett og man kjenner egentlig ikke at man er i arbeid. Dagen startet med en kjøretur til det lokale bakeriet, helt fri … Continue reading Nytt rom


Takk for alle fine tilbakemeldinger på det siste innlegget. Virkelig. Ville egentlig bare innom for å si det. Dere gir meg så mye og jeg får bare enda mer lyst til å blogge! Så dere lurer kanskje på hva jeg gjør? Eller kanskje ikke, hehe. Uansett, jeg har det så utrolig fint. Det er sol, … Continue reading Spooning

La Châtre

Jeg er SÅ støl, hehe, hagearbeid er jo like bra som yoga føles det ut som. Tenker ikke over at jeg gjør det og plutselig så er jeg drit støl. I dag har jeg vært i La Châtre sammen med Andreas, vi har hatt en fridag noe som har vært veldig fint. Vi fikk låne … Continue reading La Châtre

Jeg liker å lage mat

urter og fiken fra hagen De siste dagene har virkelig vært en u-sving når det gjelder meg og matlagning. Jeg har ikke akkurat vært aktiv på kjøkkenet de siste årene, eller jeg har vel kanskje varmet opp en torosuppe eller to, men ellers er det ingen kulinariske opplevelser å skryte av. kjøkkenbordet Det er ikke … Continue reading Jeg liker å lage mat

Ny header?

Hei alle. Jeg er så sykt støl i hele kroppen at en skulle trodd jeg hadde trent til et marathon, men den gang ei. Den organiske grønnsakshagen har fått meg og Andreas fulle oppmerksomhet i dag. Vi har bokstavelig talt luket ugress i 5 timer, hehe. Det har vært helt nydelig å få være ute … Continue reading Ny header?

Et lite bildedryss

vinterstuen   mitt soverom blomster fra hagen Jeg har på 3 dager lært meg å drikke peppermynte te, en kopp før jeg hopper i sengen. Det er så digg og jeg føler meg så avslappet før øynene lukkes. Dagen i dag har bare vært enda bedre enn den forrige. JEG ER SÅ LYKKELIG. Ja, det … Continue reading Et lite bildedryss


  Rabarbara fra hagen For noen dager, ord kan ikke beskrive for fint jeg har det. Jeg er litt sliten, noe som er tydelig når jeg har brukt nesten 1 time på skrive dette innlegget. Tror jeg har hatt små powernaps her og der, hehe. Jeg har stått på kjøkkenet i hele dag OG jeg … Continue reading RO

London time

Shortly arriving London Liverpool street So, finally on the move and now London is calling. I will be arriving London shortly and I’m very excited to get to spend a day here. It’s to big for a full sightseeing (though I have been here before) but I will try to take the tube and then … Continue reading London time