Watch life after death

Hi everyone!

I am sorry for my late blogpost, I was supposed to write one on Thursday (as I normally do) but there aren´t enough hours during the day, hehe.

We had a film crew here on Thursday, which meant all hands on deck. Hehe, well. I did lunch and dinner for everyone, so that stole some time away. Otherwise, everything is fine. I´m filming a new Youtube video tomorrow and I am actually looking forward to it. I´m also thinking of doing a 5-minute-Friday video as well, just me talking about a specific topic and wishing you all a good weekend. Well, I´ll see how I get on.

I´m currently watching life after death by a recommendation from one of you guys. I am very intrigued and I can´t wait to watch another episode tonight. If you already seen the series, what do you think? I´m halfway and I can´t stop watching.

Right, time to get a snack bowl and get comfy.

Have a good night x


  1. Are you the only person that cooks in the chateau? Is it everyday ? I’m thinking maybe consider a cooking rota? I know there is a task rota but cooking for so many dietary requires a lot of prep & thought. I hope your efforts are valued. I’ve not seen life after death but I do believe when the physical body dies the essence of the person, their energy continues and once again becomes a party of the Universe. Everything is energy and we are all connected through that energy. I will look out for it as it sounds interesting. Have a restful Sunday and be kind to yourself. Namaste 🙏

  2. Hello Marie,
    That’s a serene photo of you. I think we all need to take time to just “be in the moment”. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your day.

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