Watch life after death

Hi everyone!

I am sorry for my late blogpost, I was supposed to write one on Thursday (as I normally do) but there aren´t enough hours during the day, hehe.

We had a film crew here on Thursday, which meant all hands on deck. Hehe, well. I did lunch and dinner for everyone, so that stole some time away. Otherwise, everything is fine. I´m filming a new Youtube video tomorrow and I am actually looking forward to it. I´m also thinking of doing a 5-minute-Friday video as well, just me talking about a specific topic and wishing you all a good weekend. Well, I´ll see how I get on.

I´m currently watching life after death by a recommendation from one of you guys. I am very intrigued and I can´t wait to watch another episode tonight. If you already seen the series, what do you think? I´m halfway and I can´t stop watching.

Right, time to get a snack bowl and get comfy.

Have a good night x

5 thoughts on “Watch life after death

  1. Are you the only person that cooks in the chateau? Is it everyday ? I’m thinking maybe consider a cooking rota? I know there is a task rota but cooking for so many dietary requires a lot of prep & thought. I hope your efforts are valued. I’ve not seen life after death but I do believe when the physical body dies the essence of the person, their energy continues and once again becomes a party of the Universe. Everything is energy and we are all connected through that energy. I will look out for it as it sounds interesting. Have a restful Sunday and be kind to yourself. Namaste 🙏

  2. Hello Marie,
    That’s a serene photo of you. I think we all need to take time to just “be in the moment”. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your day.

  3. It’s always a pleasure to watch you create your floral art. You have opened my eyes to the use of all things in the garden and forest. Harmony and beauty are the words id use to describe your arrangements. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Wonderful, thoughtful comments. We walking walking through the park yesterday. The sun was shining and the spring plants were starting to bloom. Along the way we looked for branches and flowering plants and imagined how Marie would use them in one of her beautiful floral arrangements. That idea really brightened our day.

  5. Just came across your book, The Netherlands, illustrated by children that was given to me in ‘95 by a dear friend still living in NL. It had been put aside awhile and now I will regift it to a grandson who turns 10 tomorrow and who was born in Raalte!
    While living in NL I taught First Grade for 11 years at the American School of The Hague or ASH now housed in Waasenaar so my Dutch friend wanted me to have the memories from your book when I relocated to the USA. Such a joy, those pictures! It is a lovely summary of all good things we still miss about The Netherlands. Thank you! Dank U! JKschinka

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