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Hello lovelies, happy Saturday

I´ve had a wonderful and very relaxed start to the weekend. Well, if relaxing means having a tidy floral studio aaand bedroom, then yes. Heh. I had a very productive day yesterday, and I felt good. Happy! I actually spent the whole evening by myself, just recharging. I did feel a little bit guilty for not joining the others, but I really needed a little timeout. If youré a introvert like me, you will understand I´m sure.

Today have been good as well. I started of with some research and studies for work (meaning watching a lot´s of how-to video´s on various subjects). Love doing this, especially if it can make me work better. Then I actually did a sweaty workout, which felt nice.

The evening is not set in stone yet, but I think I´m going to watch a movie with Stephanie and Philip. Have a lovely evening everyone.

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Marie x

3 thoughts on “On Instagram

  1. Thank you so love hearing all your news, I too enjoy spending time by myself tidying and enjoying my own company it’s always a treat.

  2. Sounds like a beautiful week . So much needed sometimes space and time for oneself! I hope you will have a wonderful new week💚🌿🍀

  3. Never feel guilty for not sharing your time with others. I’m sure others in the house take time away from the group when they feel the need. We are individuals with individual needs. Its always good to catch up later.

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