The velvet sofa

Hello everyone, how are you?

I can´t beleive it´s time for another blogpost, time goes by so quickly, or am I the only one? Heh. Anyways, here are a few photos from Instagram stories. The picture above is from New Years Eve, I really liked the dress I wore. Should wear green more often.

It´s been raining all day so I´ve kept indoors most of the day. I´ve been writing contracts and I hope to finish them as soon as possible since I have to send them off to a few clients already. Yay! It´s really nice to see things progress. Otherwise we´re doing a “Lalande cook-off” competition this weekend!! I love tv-show´s like “come and dine with me” and I thought it would be fun to do something different for a change. So this weekend will be a culinary experience (hopefully, hehe..)

Lalande the other day, a typical day in January

I recived my approval for a pre-settlement status in the Uk today, which made me really happy. I do miss England and I look forward to being settled there again. Please don´t get me wrong, I adore living here at Lalande, but I want to settle down a little bit more then I have done for the last few years. I´v been wanting to get a velvet sofa for years now, but I´ve never stayed long enough in one place to do so. So, let´s hope this year will be the time for the velvet sofa.

photo from Pinterest

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Marie xx

36 thoughts on “The velvet sofa

  1. You look beautiful in that dress, I love the colour of the sofa it looks very comfortable and it’s good to have goals to make working so hard worthwhile.

  2. Why would you want to live in England when Norway is the most wonderful country in the world. I would love to live there. Plus you can going skiing all winter

  3. Well, I have grown up there. I am very proud to have grown up in Norway and I am sure I will return at some point, but It´s not where I want to be right now. Also, I don´t like skiing at all. Hah!

  4. William Morris ​-
    “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”.
    There is a house out there waiting for that velvet couch for you to call home 😊

  5. Congratulations you will Enjoy Where ever you Go. Your such a Lovely Lady; Creative; + “Cute”Norwegians say. Keep on Keep in On.
    God Bless Your Footsteps.Yes Green does look Lovely in You. XX Sunny

  6. Hello Marie,
    You look stunning in that dress. It was made for your slender back. I have mixed feelings about you acquiring a velvet sofa. Although a personal ahievement, it would mean you have left Lalande. Good luck in your endeavors.

  7. I bet Facebook Marketplace will bless you with a lovely velvet sofa when the time comes. 🙂

  8. Hey Marie ❣️
    You looked beautiful in your dress & last nite in the cream shirt… Gorgeous On You… Enjoy your weekend… Love the sofa… Love Everything Velvet…
    Stay Safe
    Sending Blessings In Abundance
    Karen 🙏

  9. Oh Marie..I just love your spirit. I pray your plans will come to fruition. Thank you for being such an inspiration

  10. My dear friend Marie. What a beautiful photography, you look stunning in that dress. I agree green suits you very much.
    With regards to that sofa the cerise pink one from loaf has been on my wish list for sometime now. One day, we shall both have our velvet sofas, I’m sure. Great news about your news about residency in the U.K. much love Nikki Xxx

  11. England is a beautiful country and has been good to me having lived there for 35 yrs. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it there specially all the English gardens dotted all over the different counties.
    Congratulations! On your residency.
    And you look stunning in that dress ❤

  12. The green dress looks stunning on you. The UK is also very beautiful so I can get that too. I do hope you get your velvet sofa!! This one from Pinterest looks gorgeous.
    Enjoy your cooking weekend!

    Much love from the Netherlands

  13. You look so lovely in that dress! And congratulations on the mastering of the dreadful bureaucracy with regards to settled status! I still have to do mine (after having lived in England since 1976, co-owning an old ruin, and having been married to an English national as long. Because I am “European”, and not British, I now have to apply for settled status because of the ghastly B*r*exit process.)It s*cks big time!
    But I am happy for you, and once things are getting better with regards to travelling I hope we can still find time for that cup of tea (or coffee!), all provided that you are going to return to the region you where in before.
    And LOVe the velvet sofa! I had my eye on a velvet sofa (but a lovely rusty red colour), that was sold by a certain Swedish 😉 supplier, but could not afford it at that time. Still looking for it! Stay well and safe (and warm!!)! Love from Lily xx

  14. Love your dress Marie! It looks beautiful on you! Your dream couch is beautiful! I’m sure it will be yours someday. Thank you for sharing! All the best💐

  15. Oh wow, so much fuss even if you have lived in the UK for a while. I hope the process will go smoothly for you tho. I am super happy to have mine! And yes, once things are back to normal I wouldnt mind a cup of tea or coffee ofc!! Fun times ahead for sure 🙂 xx

  16. Aww that’s so lovely, I am happy to hear that Julie! It´s a beautiful country for sure. Oh and thank you for your compliments. Happy weekend x

  17. Oh Marie- you look so so glamorous in that dress. As for the sofa- you are a woman after my own heart. How lovely to have this sofa in your own chateau one day. Hold the dream. Xx

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