I love my own company

6 thoughts on “I love my own company”

  1. Sounds a good plan, Marie! And I am so with you on the peace and quiet- I feel just like that! 🙂 Maybe it is us plant lovers that value our own company? HAppy New Year, may all your wishes come true! Love Lily xx

  2. My family all work in healthcare but the thought of dealing with people all day is stressful. Thank goodness for plants and a job that gets me outside in nature!

  3. I also love my own company! If I don’t get enough alone time, I’m quite peevish. I wish you all the luck in the world on your new ventures. I consider you a friend even though we have only met via internet. I hope we have many more years supporting and inspiring each other. And, I truly hope that we can meet in person soon! Take care dear Marie.

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