4 months in France

Hello lovelies! It´s time for a new blog post. If you follow me on Instagram (mariewiik1), you will know that I have decided to get back to blogging again. Yay!.. So, every Thursday I´ll write a blog post. I hope to write more in the future, but I´ll start easy and see how I go.

Anyway, how are you? Some people say that blogging belongs to the past, but I must disagree. I really love reading blogs and I have a few favourites that I visit almost every day. Mabey it´s a generation thing. I really like following other people´s life´s and getting a special insight in what they are up to and what their life is like. I´ve been following a few Scandinavian bloggers for almost 10 years and some of us are at the same age and I really like that.

Well, enough about that. I´m currently sitting in my studio and I look like an eskimo. I have blankets, scarfs and a warm hat on. The oil heater is on and I´ve lit a scented candle. I really love my studio space and I don´t mind the cold. I feel so free and peaceful here. I can´t believe I´ve been at Lalande for 4 months already. Time goes by so fast.

Workwise, everything is going in the right direction, slowly but steady. I´m constantly learning new skills while I continue to create florals, videos and taking photos. Everything I earn goes back to investing in equipment or flowers. There is hardly any money for my personal life, but hay, we´re in a lockdown, hehe. Becoming self-employed this year have been such an emotional rollercoaster but I wouldn´t want it any other way. I am so happy I quit my job and came to France.

Right, I´m going to film and upload another video for @withmariewiik and I´m also cooking tonight. I think I´m making chili or pita. Not sure yet. Anyho, have a lovely weekend xx

Ps: If youré new to my blog and Instagram and you have some questions, check out my previous Q&A´s on my Instagram. I´ve answered a lot of questions there. Link here


  1. So lovely to able to read your blog again I have missed them, I am a young 73yr old and so enjoy seeing your life in France. I live in beautiful Ireland now not too far from Dublin have done for 5 happy years before that living in wonderful France for 13yrs in a tiny village called Poursac not far from Poitier. Thank you Marie for sharing your busy life.

    1. Awwe, thank you so much Sara. I´ve missed writing them too, just been so busy with things! Ireland must be a magical place, never been though. However, your life back in France sounds so romantic, It must have been a wonderful time xx

  2. Bonjour Marie,

    Soooooo happy that you decided to continue with your blog. Curiously, I haven’t checked your blog in several months until today.
    And voilà! A new post! What a coincidence! I actually don’t believe in coincidences… I must have been in synch with your subconscious…
    I’m glad that I am able to see you often in Stephanie’s vlog. I hope that you will be able to generate an income out of your beautiful flower arrangements pretty soon.
    Lets hope that the vaccines for Covid 19 are efficient so that the World goes back to business as usual. XOXO Josée du Québec

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