How to do a Goddess workshop

6 thoughts on “How to do a Goddess workshop”

  1. Thank you for this, Marie! Very good “recipe”, and it sounds like a great way of getting to know yourself, and some loved ones, in better and more appreciative ways. Now all I need is a cosy place (your photo of the winter salon is so warm and welcoming!). And some friends to do the workshop with! Not easy, now that travelling to visit each other has again become more complicated. Take care, and stay safe and warm! You are my favourite flower fairy! 🙂

  2. Aww so glad you liked them Lily, and remember that you can invite anyone who seems willing and positive about it. It´s an adventage to do it with someone who you know at least a little, but it dosent neccessarily need to be with only good friends! Have fun and enjoy xx

  3. Tack Marie! 🥰 I can’t wait too try this goddess workshop with my friends! 😄 I’m so grateful that you posted these worksheets. 😍

  4. Blogging & vlogging might be so last year for others. Your blogs, the YouTube of Lalande brought back zest into my dwindling spirits due to the monstrous pandemic. I started to tidy up because you and the others from Lalande inspires me a lot. Colours, textures, hosting parties and dressing up, ….goodness! I even opened my closed Instagram konto to follow you, also Stephanie, Natali & Phillip. It brings joy to me. This is necessary nowadays. Tusind tak og forsæt et forrygende arbejde.

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