Wish I was a technical genius!!

Processed with VSCO with fp4 preset

Processed with VSCO with fp4 preset

Feels so good to be back in my old room, one of my favourites. Chambre D´Henriette. The first night went well, although I might change my duvet. I love sleeping under a heavy layer of beddings, even in summer. Haha.

I´m having a few days off from the kitchen now, which is perfect after doing 6 days of cooking for the opera workshop. It all went well and they were very happy. I´m pretty behind with everything else (it feels like), but I am slowly getting things done. I have a few videos waiting to be edited but it´s been a fuss to get it all done. Haha. I wish I was a genius with computers and all technical things. I have my external hard drive now which I hope can work miracles. My next unboxing video for the gifts for the floristry studio is all done but I can’t save it because I don’t have any storage space left. I am trying to transfer all excessive files to the external hard drive but my MacBook runs out of battery every time I try (I only have one access working), so now I have ordered a multiplug for my Macbook so that I can charge AND transfer files. Haha. I have T2 storage space on my iCloud but it doesn’t seem like the wifi are able to upload and free up space on my iPhone, much due to the wifi issues here (my guessing)…

Anyhow, sorry to bore you with all of this. My french sim card is on its way as well, so hopefully, I´ll be able to access some good 4G soon. Haha!

I am going to try to get this video saved and ready to upload so that Steph can take my iPhone to upload it later today. Otherwise, I am going to set up the floral studio and make it ready for some filming next week. All good but busy at Lalande-lande. I am obsessing over ice coffee and a toast with butter and honey these days. That and apples with peanut butter. I love having periods where you crave a certain food. Are you the same, and if so what are your cravings??

Love to you all


Ps. As soon as I manage to sort out all the technical difficulties I will be posting lots of videos for Youtube!

22 thoughts on “Wish I was a technical genius!!

  1. Henriette welcomes you. Happy you love your space. Technology is much like a lover – Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it❣️

  2. You can do it!! Just need to keep practicing and learning. 🙂 I’m working with some new Excel stuff at work right now and it’s frustrating but I’ve seen people fly through similar tasks so I know eventually I’ll figure it out and get comfortable.

  3. Hi Marie,
    I’ve enjoyed catching up on your videos and look forward to seeing your floral creations.
    As for cooking what are your favorite recipes to prepare for a crowd? I’m a flight attendant on a private aircraft; I plan all the meals onboard and prepare about 85% of them. I’m always looking for inspiration, so any recipes or meal plans you can share I’d greatly appreciate.

    Thanks and have a good week.

  4. My husband is Apple certified IT wizard. Happy to help. He offers remote service and if course a road trip for in person help would be awesome. Side brocante trip😍. Serious. Let me know if you need help. It’s what he does 🥳

  5. Awww man wish I was nearby to help with tech stuff, if I could (this is Sara from Lalande group/wp stuff etc)! Regarding food, I’m in a phase of loving my homemade oatmeal cookies each morning…just ran out two days ago so tomorrow am making another batch because I can’t not have them, hahaha. But you mentioned honey, so now I need to go looking for some good local honey (maybe to drizzle on an oatmeal cookie!).

  6. Hi Lesley, thank you so much. I don’t follow recipes but I love adding salads and greens to every meal (probably because I am a vegetarian). Just really jimmy salads can make a meal look times better. My obsession right now is watermelon salad with feta, black olives, olive oil, salt and pepper, pine nuts and whatever else I fancy. So yummy and very light for summer. If you good to my Instagram, mariewiik1 – and click on my highlights for food you can see a lot of food inspiration. I also post a lot on my Instagram stories as well. Your job sounds really lovely. I hope you find some inspiration for your cooking.
    Love Marie xx

  7. Awe thanks lovely. I will let you know, I had some help last night and I am going to continue today. Broccante trips sounds amazing!! 😍

  8. Ooh oatmeal cookies sounds delicious!! Yum. Well done you for baking them, I am not the best baker myself. Honey and butter is the best combo!! 😉

  9. Toast with honey was the first thing I learned to ‘cook’ by myself as a child and I still love it, especially with peanut butter.

  10. Currently I crave coffee icecream. I am trying to find a low fat version but then I probably wouldn’t like it. Sigh.

  11. Ooh, I have the same thing with tonic water. Dont like the diet one at all. I love tonic water with icecubes and grapefruit. G&T with grapefruit is my favourite cocktail but as I am very sensitive to chemicals I have learned to love It without the gin. Also, never a hangover either 😂 Aaw, and a creamy coffee icecream sounds heaven!!

  12. Oh, dear! You’re not alone w/all this techy stuff – video is not easy to edit IMO – time consuming. Looking forward to Honey from Isabelle Jardin – or those gorgeous fab roses. So many things do little time – easy baby steps – get it all done, Marie. PS I am not a fan of AppleMac – too restrictive.

  13. My tech crew always says that technology is built to fail, and that pretty much seems to be the case in my life😉
    Cravings, that’s easy…chocolate chocolate chocolate 🍫🍪🍩

  14. Didn’t know where it’s nicer to ask this, decided to ask there)
    Do you recycle capsules from your coffee machine? I assume there are recycling programs for them if even we in Russia have such)
    Still on the topic of recycling: hope to see floral studio recycling/waste scheme in future Stephanie’s video on recycling (she promised one during one of the lives)^^

  15. Hi There With all the beautiful florals you make I hope you are taking lots of photo’s of them because it is easy and reasonably priced to get one of the photos turned into 50 postcards by going to vistaprint.com maybe you could sell them in packs of 5 with envelopes or use for sending thank you’s to patrons.

    You can also get greeting cards printed but they are more expensive.I have become very inventive by choosing a cheaper way to get vistaprint greeting cards – if you need to know anything I can tell you the process. Cheers from South Australia
    Instagram @ laughingsiamese

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