Getting up at 6.00 am

Hey everyone. I hope your’e all good? I am blogging from my IPhone today since I’m in the middle of packing everything down. I’ve done almost everything, I just have a few corners to clean and thats It. I always think about something my mother said once about leaving a place. «It’s about how you leave a place Marie», a sentence which has stuck with me for years now. I think there is so much to It, I always want to make sure I leave a place as nice and clean as I can. I never want to look back at something and feel guilty or bad because I didnt do a good job or If I left a place in a bad shape. Life is now and in the future and I never want to be haunted by mistakes made in the past.

Anyhow. I am so ready to go to Lalande now. I have to get up at 6.00 am, which is not my best hour in the day. Hehe. I’ve got my mask and sanitizer ready too. I hope my suitcases dont weight too much either, it’s always so stressful If you have to adjust the weight😅 But, I think I will be fine!

Something that I have done the last few years now is to go by Joe & Juice on the airport which is a smoothie/toastie bar. It really reminds me of home, hehe. Although I have never liked It in the past when I was living in Norway (too loud party music and the staff dance more then they do their job. Haha). However, they have the most delish smoothie and glutenfree avocado toasties!! I can just about cope with the showing belly buttons and the twerky dance moves… Haha. I am hoping I will have some time to stop by.

I’ll write to you from Lalande next time. Love Marie xx

13 thoughts on “Getting up at 6.00 am

  1. Hi MARIE, Sadly nothiis open at Stansted apart from wh.smith and bo.Iflew from there 1 week ago. Good luck and look forward to follow you at laalande Susanne x

  2. oh you’re going to have such fun at lalande … safe journey and look forward to your future posts and stephanies vlogs x

  3. It’s so nice getting to know you through Stephanie’s vlog and now ypurs! Cheets! I’m looking for the inner goddess worksheets. Are they still available?

  4. Awe thanks Bonnie, glad you found my blog. You can find the Goddess worksheets if you google “Goddess training Marie Wiik”, the worksheets is listed in my blog post. Take care xx

  5. Yes yes, be yourself, everyone else it taken!

    ..cravings….pasta pesto always, with toasted pinenuts…great smooth body finish red wine and dark chocolate.

    Marie, you dont just decorate with flowers…you enhance rooms with many a decor, flowers, garlands, stems, fabric, nature….on and on and on.
    You have the magic decor wand!

    Just keep being lovely you.
    It’s more than enough.

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