Finally able to order wholesale flowers!

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Hey everyone. Here is a little update from the last few days. On Saturday I went for a walk through Bury, I managed to pick up a few floral goodies from the market. I also went for a long walk outside town and picked a few wildflowers. Love that lavender coloured scabiosa.

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Processed with VSCO with fp4 preset

My own grown ranunculus, arent they stunning?? I am dreaming of my own cut flower garden one day. I also got some peonies from the Flower Hut. The astilbe is from the market. I absolutely love Astilbe, it must be one of my favourite fillers. So beautiful by itself too. The pink pointy flower is Linaria purpura, which I see here and there. It spreads very easily and I would love to grow it in my own garden on day.

I discovered this book in Gillian’s cupboards yesterday. It´s called “The flower recipe book” by Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo of Studio Choo. I loved it and I think you would love it too, that is if you’re into flowers and floral design of course. It’s a great beginner guide too. As I am not British I sometimes struggle to find the right names and phrases in English, especially when I am doing my floral videos. I, therefore, watch a lot of English floral tutorials just to learn how to better explain my methods. This book was really helpful too.

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Processed with VSCO with fp4 preset

Anyhow. Guess who just logged into a webshop of floral sensation!! I have opened up an account with Van der Plas and I will click in a delivery as soon as am back at Lalande. I am counting the days!!

Hope you are well. Stay safe xx

15 thoughts on “Finally able to order wholesale flowers!

  1. The rabbits kept eating my ranunculus!
    Do you follow dahliamay flower farm on Instagram? Melanie grows incredible flowers but also shares the enormous amount of work that goes into her farm.

  2. Looks a lovely book Marie Love roses had a David Austin Rose in my last garden “The generouse Gardner” lovely scent sadly too big to bring with us plus we had neverything in storage! We bought this property in the winter and only have a medium garden now,once the building work is done we can then plan our garden
    It will be great to see you back at Lalande x

  3. Sounds like you had a very productive day…the best sort especially when it was so enjoyable to.. account in readiness for first order..the dream is becoming a reality 💜⚘

  4. So pretty! I’m afraid to have fresh flowers in the house because so many are toxic to cats, but ai love seeing yours! I think the US doesn’t have as much of a fresh flower culture as Europe too. Would love (if you can recommend) cat safe flowers for the home!

  5. Excited to see you back with team Lalande, precious times ahead. You’ve brought a ray of sunshine throughout these troubled times, thanks a million Marie.x

  6. Hey Margaret. Oh, I bet Ranunculus tastes delichious for rabbits. Hehe. I do follow Dahliamay flower farm yes. Love her account! I also follow Swancottageflowers on Instagram. Zoe, she is amazing with growing cut flowers in your garden. You should see her garden, it looks like cutflower heaven! xx

  7. Love David Austin roses, they smell so divine and look like their kings and queens from another world. I hope yoy get to plant some when your garden is ready. What a great ting to look forward to! xx

  8. Hey lovely! I get the issue with toxic flowers, however, is that from the chemicals from the production or the actual flower? I find it very interesting. I havent had any problems with it really, but then again, I havent had much cats in my floristry studio. Hehe. Flower who are friendly to cat can be: Sunflowers, Carnations, Snapdragons, Gerbers, Zinnias, Statice, Asters. I just googled this because I am not really sure. I would mabey do some more research if you’re worried. Take care xx

  9. Congratulations on setting up your business account!
    And finally editing the blurb (??? however this description is called)!
    By the way, do you speak French? Or are you planning on learning it since you’re moving to France, even though temporarily)

  10. Thank you so much Fox!! And yes, I finally were able to edit that bio down below here, thanks to Sarah! I do not speak French, I can understand a little but thats It. I am making an effort by watching Netflix series with French audio. I imagine I’ll be living in France later in life so I am definetly going to learn the language at some point 🙂 xx

  11. I found your youtube and blog today so watched everything you have produced. So fantastic, you’ve been very busy since leaving Lalande. Viewers can’t wait for your return to France and see you in the mix at Lalande again. You will bring your joyful spirit and creativity back to the Chateau. Bonne Chance Marie.

  12. Thank you so much Margo, what kind words. I am so pleased you liked the videos. And yes, I have been very busy since I left Lalande. I expect I will continue to be so when I arrive next week.. Thank you again for your kind and loving message xx

  13. Hi Marie, my name is Josie I love watching your floral arrangements, glad you decided to joined the fun group at Lalande. Those beautiful flowers in the garden are stunning! I have a question do you use plant food in your arrangement? Thank you so much and stay safe!

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