Behind the scenes + 2 years anniversary

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I like to show you a little bit of my mess. It´s part of what I do and how I work. I´ll never be shiny and spotless. I´ll never just show you the sunny side. I hope that’s okay?

A very lovely lady (who I adore) told me I shouldn’t have shown people the toilet rolls on my Instagram stories today. But I disagree, I want to show you what’s real. I want to show you what I´m up to and how it´s like to work with flowers. I love the mess, it´s part of the creative process. I also show you the real mess because there is so many who doesn’t. Social media is filled with perfect pictures, perfect lives, perfect everything. I don´t know about you but I can get pretty tired of looking at all things perfect. It can seem so unachievable and uninspiring. When I decided to get serious about posting on social media I wanted to be part of making a change. A change in how we present ourselves. I think it´s time to show all aspects of life. I believe in sharing what can be inspiring, but there needs to be a little balance too.

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Oh, by the way!! My blog ( turned 2 years this June. I started my blog while I was working 14 hours shifts up in Lofoten. I wanted a place to write and express my thoughts and creativity. I also needed to get out a lot of emotions (thank god you cant read Norwegian). Its was free space for me to just be, me. I hope there will be plenty of years to celebrate in the future. Thank you for clicking in and reading. Thank you for taking the time to write comments. Thank you for following.

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Anyhow. Behind those pretty and shiny photos, there is always a messy floor (unless youré my grandmother). Hehe!

Right, it´s 02.31am and I should get to bed. I have started a bad habit of staying up late, but I also work better. I´m more focused.

Hope you have a lovely day xx



8 thoughts on “Behind the scenes + 2 years anniversary

  1. I’m chuckling to myself because at the beginning of lockdown due to the virus people couldn’t buy toilet rolls as they were being stockpiled 😂 You have 5 proudly on display & presumably the 6th in the bathroom…its an achievement in itself 🥰 Your floral displays always look effortlessly beautiful so it’s great to know there is mess and dis order that helps achieve the end result. Any child who has ever had fun always had it with mess.. 💙

  2. Marie, I totally agree with your words, so many social media ‘influencers’ portray unrealistic, perfect photos, I admire you being YOU, including your toilet rolls 😂😂 stay just as you are! Ps I’m loving
    your hair x

  3. Aw you are so lovely and kind Karen! Glad you like me for me (+my toilet rolls). Hehe! Oh and thanks, the darker hair with the fringe is growing on me every day now.. xx

  4. Oh yes, we always made a mess as children in my home. However, we were always forced to clean it up too! Haha. Oh, and yes. The toilet roll supply in this house is incredibly steady and is defently something to be proud of these days. Thank you for your lovely comments Ruth. Youre a darling xx

  5. Aaw bless you Renee. I did try painting once but I’m not very good at It. I have a very rough hand and It works better with flowers 😍

  6. Jeg kan læse engelsk, dansk og norsk😉. I am overindulging with tour blogs. Keep it on coming.

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