Self-educating and takeaway coffee

15 thoughts on “Self-educating and takeaway coffee”

  1. Love all your stuff. You tube is my next thing I am working on too. Stephanie and Michael are good inspiring you tubers. It’s only natural for you to follow them.

  2. I don’t think you are allowed to pick wild Bluebells anymore and I’m not sure about wild Orchids either. Looks like a lovely book though.

  3. Hi Maddie yeah your own you tube would be great 😊 follow on from dick and angel strawbidge Steph Mikey etc

  4. Aright! Thats good to know. Thanks for sharing Lorraine. I wouldnt pick bluebells out of free will, but thats just beacuse I´m very allergic. Hehe

  5. Hi! Oh thanks. You can find the link on the top of my blog here. There will be more videos coming out soon. Just need to figure out how to do them properly! hehe x

  6. I love reading your beautiful blog. You inspired me recently with a comment about romancing yourself ! I’m glad you are enjoying your new book, I heard inaturalist is the app you need although I haven’t used it myself xx

  7. Hello Gill! Thank you so much. Glad my blog is appriciated. Sometimes I forget that people read It at all. Hehe! Romancing yourself, loving yourself. So important. I think If your ever going to truly love someone else you need to do that with yourself first. Its not easy but its worth fighting for. I’ll look the app out. Thank you so much! 🥰 xx

  8. Hi Marie, have you tried plantsnap app for identifying flowers. Your flower arrangements are beautiful. Love your bangs too btw.

  9. Beautiful. I did go back to the posts around when you went to La Lande and put them through a translator so I could understand the why and how you ended up in France. Sweet kismet and lagniappe that you ended up there and many of us met you. Thank you for your honesty and lovely photos.
    You have succeeded at inspiring!

  10. Aah your’e so lovely. Thank you. If you want to hear more about It I answered these questions in my previous Q&A on my Instagram profile mariewiik1. You can find them in my highlights, «Q&A». Have a lovely day xx

  11. In Canada I used Plantnet Plant Identification app. We live near a large forest with lots of paths and many of the plants have berries. I wanted to know what they all were in case my 2 year old ate any (because they will secretly put everything in their mouth). It worked very well for me. Good luck!

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