My flower obessions right now from Hoek flowers

Hey, lovelies! I often find myself scrolling on a webshop from a big flower supplier. It´s my guilty pleasure, my window shopping time. Yes, sounds weird but I absolutely love it! So, I thought I´d actually share my absolute favourites with you. All these beauties are from Hoek flowers who are kind enough to have an open portal to their webshop. All photos are also borrowed from their webshop! I figured they wouldn´t mind as I´m pretty much advertising their flowers out of pure joy. If you see a special flower or greenery that you love, then I hope you feel inspired to either grow it yourself or, mabey you want to ask your local florist to order them in for you. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this little glance of heaven. Let me know if you like this post and if you would like to see more of them. I sure don´t mind scrolling at floral beauties. Hehe

As you can see, I love texture, greens and spikes of colours. Anything that looks slightly wild-grown is also a winner. Is there anything special you like? Let me know!

Love, Marie

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