Goddess training again

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I absolutely love these colours, the texture and the dropey look. It´s very me and very feminine.

Anyways. How are you? We had a bbq last night which was really lovely. I had 3 beers and I think my head is punishing me for it today. I can´t say that the sanding downstairs helps much either. They are doing the dining room floorboards today which is right below my bedroom. Hah. Oh well, it will look good in the end. I´m doing my floral video during lunch hour today, which will be great. Got more peonies to play with this time (coral ones), so I´m a little bit excited.

Otherwise, everything is fine. Just fine. I´m doing my best to run 2-3 times per week. I only go in the evenings when it´s a bit cooler. Somehow the pollen doesn’t seem so intruding then. I´m also doing a life “assessment” with myself. If you´ve been reading my blog for over a year, you will know that I did a Goddess workshop at Lalande with Stephanie, Gillian and Donna a year ago. If you want to read it you can click here. If you feel like you need some goddess training too, you can find the links to the spreadsheets that we used. I´m actually going to do it again, just to see how far I have come with myself, my dreams and my goals. Let me know if you try it too.

Hope you have a lovely weekend

Love, Marie

4 thoughts on “Goddess training again

  1. Hope you have a lovely weekend too!

    I went and read your post about goddess workshop. There you talked about your blog goals, so it made me look around more thoroughly))

    Norwegian florist living in Lofoten, Norway. – you have this sentence in your description, but you’re not in Norway, aren’t you? (Judging by your Instagram.)

  2. Hehe! Hello Fox! I am not in Lofoten! I cant get that text changed somehow. Been trying for days. No, I’m in Suffolk and I’m 29 now! Hehe. Times flies. Glad your finding something to read here though 😉

  3. I loved your goddess training in the Lelande video, and when you get your youtube going I hope you’ll talk more about small exercises and ways we can challenge ourselves to keep that positive inner goddess mindset going! Thanks for being a blast of happiness in these times.

  4. Ah glad you loved the worksheets. I will definetly take this with me as I venture out on YouTube. And yes, we need to be good at keeping ourselves positive. Sending you warm thoughts xx

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