Processed with VSCO with aga3 preset

Processed with VSCO with aga3 preset

I told you I would show you my sock mask. It took me about 2 minutes to make after carefully watching a youtube video. God, I love Youtube. Or just the internet. You can learn anything you want and it´s kind of free. Hehe

I´ve been having a few interesting days lately. Because of the heat and then the wind, my hayfever has gone over the roof. Here I thought I was done with it for this year, but no. Since I don´t take allergy medicine regularly (only when I need it), the pollen took me by storm. It was so bad I couldn´t go out of my room. I even had to barricade my doorstep with a towel. Haha. Luckily, I´m on pill number 3 now and I´m able to wander around without any immediate pain.

Processed with VSCO with aga3 preset

Yesterday, I gave all my flowers away. They were kind of sitting alone in the basement and I haven’t been feeling well enough to use them. So, I made a couple of bouquets and gave them away. One to Gillian and one to one of our neighbours. Felt really nice, although it´s strange to not have any flowers in the house. I´ve had a couple of buckets of flowers in the basement for weeks now. Either from my harvesting or from deliveries. Oh well. It´s nice with a little break. There will be new and fresh flowers from Wednesday again.



2 thoughts on “Hayfever

  1. Really sorry to hear you’ve been suffering with hay fever, sure not good for flower lovers. Having said that, your posting of flowers have given me so much pleasure. Thank you.x

  2. Thank you so much Hazel. Thats really kind of you. I feel better now after a few days on meds. I developed these from working with flowers. Hehe. Well, its a small price to pay I guess. Take care xx

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