17th of May celebrations

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Hey, lovelies.

Today´s been a great day, and so sunny and warm too. This is the 2nd year I´m celebrating the 17th of May away from home and it feels strange. I´ve grown up with celebrating this day! Walking in parades with our school, waving flags, eating ice cream and hot dogs. Being with family and friends. It´s a lovely tradition which is best celebrated with close family. However,  I´ll always celebrate this day, no matter where I am.

I´ve been working this evening, I had to finish the floral tutorial for tomorrow. All is well, I like how it turned out in the end. I have some pretty flowers in my basement now so I´m going to see if I´m able to make a wedding bouquet tomorrow. I need the practice but also more pictures for my portfolio. I hope to establish my self as a wedding florist here in the Uk by summer 2021. It´s all very exciting!

Oh, I have skipped the next delivery of Freddie’s flowers, so on Wednesday, I´ll be getting a “contactless” delivery from one of our lovely flower shops in Bury. You can check it out here, it´s called the Flowerhut. I think it´s so lovely that I have followed their Instagram long before I even thought about moving here. Small world!

Anyhow. Just wanted to say hello! Please let me know if there is something you would like me to write about. I feel like I´m a little “out of my game” and some direction would be much appreciated.



4 thoughts on “17th of May celebrations

  1. I know what you mean. In Lund in Sweden, even I used to celebrate the 17th may with the Norwegian Students of Lund. We started the celebration in the morning with “champagne breakfast” in the parc of Lund. The celebration continued for the rest of the day and the evening. Great fun!

  2. Oh it´s always great fun! Even if your away from home! How fun that you´ve been celebrating with your students. Do you still keep in touch with your students? xx

  3. Oh yes, dear Marie. I do have contact still with a lot of my former students. Many of them are friends, other see me as a “father” figure and a confident. It was a privilege to have had such a long ad still lasting intellectual and friendly relationship with so many young people. Wonderful.

    OBS. Can it be right that every time I make a comment or answer your blog, that I must re-write all my “credentials”?

  4. Oh, thats really lovely! I´m glad for your Philippe. Must feel very heartwarming I would imagine.
    I will try to see if I can do something about the comment box. Than you for reminding me! x

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