My flowers stay fresh in the basement

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I received my 2nd box from Freddie’s flowers today. Loved the colour palette, I´ll be using those flowers for next weeks floral tutorial. Felt super spoilt today because I still have the flowers from last week, they keep so fresh when they stay in the basement! hehe. I´m thinking of changing the delivery to every second week or so because I don´t want too many flowers at once. I´m going to give it a little think. I´m still mixing the flowers from my harvesting.

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Anyways. I did this cutie today. Loved the warm red, purple and pink combo. You can see a time-lapse video on my Instagram

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It´s the 17th of May on Sunday, Norway’s constitutional day! It´s a BIG celebration every year, even during covid-time. The Norwegians seem to be planning lots of home celebrations this year, which is so nice to see. I´m going to dress up and play the national anthem all day. I´m also baking (microwave style) and planning a Champagne brunch for me and Gillian. Can´t wait for the day when I get to dress up my own dining table with a linen tablecloth, candles, lots of Norwegian flags, flowers and my favourite porcelain. I´ve been wanting to collect porcelain from Royal Copenhagen for years, but I have always moved around and never felt like the time was right! However, I feel like I need to start soon, I´m almost 30. Heavens. Anyways, there is no dining table in the house yet, so I´m going to use a cardboard box which used to contain our new toilet! Haha. All good fun when living in a renovation project.


The picture is borrowed from Royal Copenhagen´s Instagram. Click here for inspo!

And here is me on 17th of May a few years ago. I´m wearing my national costume dress that my great grandmother made for me. Love this dress.




2 thoughts on “My flowers stay fresh in the basement

  1. Marie…..So pleased to find your blog after watching you on Stephanie’s YouTube. Your such a talented lady. Do hope you return to the Chateau soon and catch up on all the fun.💐💐💐💐💐💐💋

  2. Hey Olive!! Thank you so much, you are so lovely!! Glad youré enjoying the Chateau diaries. They are great to watch during these lockdown times! Oh, I wouldn´t worry. I´m already planning my return! 🙂

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