Handpicked vlogs out every week and why I´m on Patreon

Hey you! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am really flatterd that there is people clicking in here every day, it feels so strange. I some how feel slighly guilty because I haven´t written much these last months. However, I need to get over that. I love writing, so here we go again.

I´ts another day in lockdown and I feel very blessed as usal. While I´m waiting for my work to re-open I´ve been working with flowers. It´s been well over a month now since I decided I would get busy with them. From the first day of being at home I´ve had a to-do list. I´m working from morning to late at night, however it´s so much fun. I´m not going to lie, I´m so pleased to have all this time. Somehow I feel like I´ve won the lottery. Being able to inspire others with my enthusiasm for flowers have been so rewarding.

I´ve also started “vlogging”, yes, it´s super super strange but incredbliy fun! I´m also learning so much. Every week I´m making a “handpicked vlog”, which means I´m basically going out harvesting wildflowers with my clipper and iphone. I´m enjoying myself greatly and I hope that you will find inspiration to do the same. You can find my vlogs by clicking on here.

Besides from doing my “handpicked vlog series”, I´ve also started a new vlog series called: “HOW I DO MY FLORALS” . SO many of you have asked me to do turtorials so I finally decided I would do it! I´m loving it so far and I hope you will consider joining our floral community! I´m now able to get quality fresh flowers for my turtorials every week, just because of my lovely members on Patreon. I´m so greatful and so EXCITED, you have no idea.

“HOW I DO MY FLORALS” is out every Monday

“HANDPICKED VLOGS” is out every Sunday

You may wonder, why Patreon and not Youtube? Well, on Patreon you will have to pay a monthly subscription to access a creators content, on Youtube everything is free to watch. Unlike Youtube, Patreon is an ad-free and an enclosed platform and thats It´s exactly how I want it to be. I view Patreon as something smiliare to what I had as a child. I used to subscribe to a monthly magazine called “WITCH”. Hehe! It was basically about a group of teenage girls who had special powers, each with their own personality and they went on missons to fight evil while also living a normal life. Every month I would get a new magazine and I absolutley loved it. I collected every single one, they where so precious to me. One time I actually swopped one of my favourite jeans in return for a magazine that I had lost. Crazy right? Well, I loved being part of this “community”, on many levels I could relate to these teenage girls. I loved following their lives as I was living my own. Sometimes it was a great escape.

So, If you like the florals I do, my personality, the floral style I have and how I teach it, then you should join my Patreon page. Remember, you can cancel or pause your subscription at anytime.

Love, Marie


6 thoughts on “Handpicked vlogs out every week and why I´m on Patreon

  1. Hello Marie
    What a fine texte you have here. I understand that your patreon page or site is fir the « creators » who make or build bouquets of flowers. Nothing for le, I am afraid. I am sure that you have a lot of followers with flower creativity interest.
    Ha det så bra och lycka till. Jag följer Dig ändå.
    Kram// Philippe

  2. Hey Philippe! Well, Paytreon is for anyone who has something to give that other people would like to see or listen too! I don´t expect everyone to like it, It´s just an option availeble for those who wants it. Thats it 🙂

    Takk for fin melding! Håper du har det fint igjennom disse tider? x
    Ta vare på deg selv.

    Klem Marie

  3. Aaw thanks Lucy. I am intending on It, just want to get my head around vlogging first. I havent been vlogging for 2 years like Steph has! But I will get there and there will be vlogs and florals on YouTube as well. ♥️

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