Supermarket flowers, tricks & tips!

Sometimes I buy flowers from the supermarket and thats totally fine. I think it´s important to feel well and happy in your own home, especially when we all have to stay inside. Fresh flowers gives me so much unconditional joy and I´m sure you feel the same way. Remember that you can find a lot of wild flowers and foliage in your area. Mabey you live near a field or a park? I promise that you will find lots of treasures thats “okay” to pick from.

I thought I would share some quick tips on how to find the best flowers and how to keep them at home:

At the supermarket:

  • Is there water in the buckets? If not, then that may be an indicater of neglect which will affect the quality of your flowers. (mind that tulips shouldn´t have much water, so they are fine with little or no water in the buckets)
  • Pick up your wanted flowers and gently turn them upside down. Look at the stems and the ends. Are they brown, slimy or bone dry? If they are just dry then that should be ok as long as they get a new cut and water. Are they fresh and newly cut, then thats a win-win.
  • Do you smell anything? Flowers like carnations starts to smell when they get really bad. Stay away from those!
  • Roses. Feel gently with your fingers around the flower head, are they super soft or hard? If they are too soft they will most likely drop so go with the harder flower heads.

At home:

  • Clear all the stems, we don´t want any leafes in the water because this creates bacteria.
  • Clean, cold water in your vases to keep your flowers longer.
  • A long and nice cut gives your flowers a better ability to drink water, which will help them keep longer.

I hope this will help you next time you buy some flowers at the supermarket.Let me know how you get on, I would love to see how you get creative at home. Oh, and guys, remember to support your local flower shop or marked when they open.

Marie xx

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