Exciting times ahead

The times goes by so quick. I hope you had a lovely Easter? I sure did! I´m really enjoying my days. I´m picking flowers, going for walks, practicing my floristry, talking to you guys and working on quite a few projects. While doing a little vlogging for Instagram I´m also planning to launch my patreon page within the next month or so. I´ve been wanting to create a community and a place for inpiration, florals and all good things in life. I will be doing proper turtorials on how I do my floral arrangments and bouquets, but also showing you amazing flower farms, taking you with me as I discover amazing flowershops, excotic flower markeds and God knows what else?! There are so many oppurtunities and places to discover!! 🙂 I dearly hope you will join me when I launch.

Anyways, I hope you have a lovely week. I´ll be busy with my florals, but I´m also making sure to educate myself while eating healthy and doing my regular exercises. Take care and stay safe my lovlies.

Warm wishes,

Marie xx

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