Loving this time

Happy Easter

Hey, and how are you?

My days during this lockdown are incredibly pleasent and I am very greatful. Love having all this time to just breath, think and do all things I been wanting to do for ages. I don´t know about you, but spring makes me feel so at peace. For every new walk I take I find newly popped flowers (which makes the inner me jump up and down, hehe). It´s already so warm, so summer must be around the corner.

I´m making floral arrangments from what I can find in our garden but also whatever that grows wild in our neighbourhood. I buy a few bunts of flowers on the supermarket, but not that often.

I´m dreaming of the garden roses at Lalande and I´m wondering when I´m next able to visit. Soon I hope.

I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I´m doing some more florals for Easter and also taking a walk later. Wondering if I can get hold of more blossoms.. The evening will be sorted with homemade curry, prosecco and Netflix.

Happy Easter xx

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