Kettner´s house & cocktails with Jamie

Hello from Bratislava

I always find it so easy to update my blog when I´m out travelling. Being away from my everyday life makes me want to write posts about everything and anything, it feels so easy. Need to go travelling more often.

Anyways. I´m in Slovakia and it feels safe and welcoming here. My Airbnb is just a walk away from the old town and I seem to be in the middle of everything. I managed to check in early so I´ve had a very relaxed afternoon so far. I´m planning to go out and explore later. I don´t have any plans, just vague ideas of where I want to go. I´ll probably see the castle tomorrow and wander around. I´ve also been wondering if I should get a tattoo here. What do you think..?

My travel wear, very comfy and warm

I stayed overnight in London last night and I spent the whole afternoon in Soho. I really loved it there and I will definetly be back. So many Scandinavians there too. Weird. I also went to Kettner´s house which I´ve been stalking on Instagram for ages. The interior is so feminine and gorgeous. We had a few drinks in the bar, me and Jamie.. Don´t worry, we’re just friends, so great to see him again.

I had a bath and now I´m going to get dressed and head out to the old town. Hope you have a lovely day.


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