Bratislava and 1 night in London

Hey Friday

Hey. It is Friday and for me, that means another work-weekend. I have just had a few days off which has been very relaxed. Gillian and I have enjoyed whiskey and Poldark together. I am so pleased to know that we have another 1,5 season to watch. I want everything to end well but every time I think it’s going good it´s not. Francis just died and we were just starting to like him.

I have just booked a spontaneous trip to Bratislava, I´m taking myself and a light carrier bag. Nothing special planned, I just want to get away for a few days and see some European culture. I´ll bring the book that I bought a few weeks ago and give it a good try. Looking forward to sipping wine and dining out all by myself, just watching people and enjoying the surroundings. I´m leaving the first week of March and starting off with 1 night in London. Hmm. What to do? I would love some suggestions.

Spring is upon us and I´m so incredibly glad. Tree´s are starting to pop and there are white and pink blossoms to be seen about. I absolutely love spring, it´s definitely my favourite season.

I better get ready for work. I just wanted to say hello. Hope youré having a lovely weekend.

Marie x

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