Not pregnant and tattoo talk

Hey Wednesday

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Last night I dreamt that I was pregnant, had a baby and that I was a very bad mother. Clearly, my obsession with “call the midwives” has gone over the roof or under the ground. Haha. I´m having today and tomorrow off, which is heavenly. What do you do on your day´s off? I´m longing for spring, warmer evenings, bicycle-weather and the urge to buy sunglasses.

Since I wrote here last I have gone a little bit wild, I have pierced my ears, and what a joy of pain. Well, if you don’t count the fact that I can’t sleep on my favourite side, it´s all looking good. I´ve been wanting to do it for ages and I finally did. Yay. Time to be brave and carefree I say. I´ve decided to go back and get a small tattoo as well but mainly just because the tattoo artist is extremely handsome. Who doesn’t love a dark-haired, dark-eyed tattoo artist? Just need to find out where I want to have the tattoo. I´ll give it a few months.

Somehow I feel like I need to catch up on my twenties before it´s all over, luckily, I have decided that the thirties are the new twenties. I´m Just waiting for my medication to kick in properly. My energy is still not all back to normal and it´s making my regular runs a pain in the ass. I guess it could be worse, I could be on a really bad Tinder date. Bumble asked me why I wanted to delete the app and I simply replied: “Thinking of myself♥️”. Which is what I´m focusing on now. Me.

Oh, it feels nice.

Anyways, just wanted to pop in and say hey.

Marie x


6 thoughts on “Not pregnant and tattoo talk

  1. Nice to read about your thoughts. Spring is here soon. Hold on. What medication? Ill? I wish you the best

  2. Thyroid. Wow. I have an ongoing examination for my thyroid as well. No medication yet, they need to do a scan with “ en kontrast vätska”!
    Lev väl. Föresten, är Du i England nu eller i Norge?
    Cheers// Philippe
    OBS: vid varje kommentar måste jag skriva mejl mm. Som den första gången. Det är lite omständigt. Det finns säkert inställning som gör att när man skrivit EN gång så är det sparat och att Ditt system känner igen mig!? Eller?

  3. Såpass ja! Håper du finner ut hva som står til etter undersøkelsen. Holder fingrene krysset for deg. Jeg er i England fortsatt, blir nok her en stund 🙂

    Ps; Jeg skal ta en titt å se om jeg ikke får gjort det. Tror kanskje om du har wordpress bruker at du ikke trenger å registrere deg hver gang ved kommentarfeltet. Jeg har ikke hatt årsak til å undersøke dette før nå. 🙂

  4. Dream of pregnant in my case also not wanting to give birth. To me that means – you are on the verge of birthing something and in my case, I was not allowing myself to do the work I should to give birth. Interesting.

  5. Oh thats very intresting. Thanks for sharing Lucy 🙂 I havent had that dream for ages, but I love that dreams somehow try to tell you something about your life.

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