A new year and a new decade

Hello Tuesday ⭐️

Hey! The new year is finally here and I’m feeling so blessed to be alive, healthy and happy about life. I hope you do too. It´s such a delicate thing, happiness. I hope I´ll never take it for granted.

I had the weekend off which was absolutely amazing. I needed to catch up with sleep and some Netflix-time after a hectic November and December. We just got a shower in the house too, which has made my life pretty heavenly these days.

I also had some proper time to go out for runs and do some long meditations, which makes me feel so peaceful and strong. Oh, and I have also stopped taking my medication. There is that. I’ve been taking medicine for Thyroid disease for many years now and It just came to a point where I had enough. The medications are making me very forgetful and my brain foggy. I´m doing everything I can to replace my medications with a nutritious and healthy diet while also seeking medical advice. So far, so good. Fingers crossed.

I haven’t gotten all my goals and “new years resolutions” sorted out yet, however, I do like writing down thoughts and directions. Here is what I have written down so far;

– Continue loving myself and do the things that I like and that are good for me, like spending time in nature, running, meditating, writing, eating healthy, see people I love, travel more, challenge myself more, go on adventures.

– More focus this year. I feel like this is a year full of opportunities and aspiration. I´m getting clearer about my direction and the steps I need to take to reach my destination.

– This is my last year in my twenties. I´m planning to make the most out of it and celebrate life.

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I´m spending the rest of my evening with My name is Anne on Netflix. It´s so cute and I can’t stop watching it.


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