Days off

Yay, I got some days off and I’m currently staying in Davids flat with Joanna. We have been browsing through Cambridge today, which was a lot of fun. We shared a bottle of Marlbourough wine, had vegetarian and glutenfree pizza, ate crêpes (also glutenfree, I know. It was heaven) and talked and laughed a lot. Feels so wonderful to be blessed with good friends.

I havent realised properly that Christmas is next week, I’m actually not sure If I’m ready. Haha. Can we please postpone Christmas?? I have Christmas cards to write..

We also had a little boat trip around the canals, which was very fun. So many beautiful buildings.

Joanna is fast asleep and I’m just about to head to bed myself. It’s been a busy few weeks so I’m really looking forward to not setting an alarm for tomorrow morning. Our plan for Tuesday is to just relax, maybe go for a walk and go to a restaurant in the evening. Looking forward to It.