Now and then

Hey Monday 🍀

I’ve been at Lalande since Friday and it’s been a real joy to be here. Felt really good to see everyone and take part in various festivities. Had too much cheese but other than that I’ve been very good.

I’m home now and have spent the afternoon organising and packing out, which feels good for my mind. I´ve been thinking lately that I need to work on creating a better routine for my weekly runs and meditation. It is so important to do the things that you keep telling your self you want to do. I must tell myself more often.

I made a Christmas wreath and a garland for the mantlepiece in the winter salon. I had a glass of wine too, which was delish! I Don’t drink much these days, but I think it’s totally fine to have some now and then.

I just wanted to pop in and say hello, it´s been too long. Promise to better. hehe. I actually posted this yesterday without sharing. Hope you have a lovely day. I´m actually going out for a run now. Yay.


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