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Hey Wednesday

the blue colour

It´s Christmas and there is no escaping it. Time goes so quickly, can´t believe I have to start feeling guilty about Christmas presents already. I always feel guilty because there is so many who deserves some love and attention, a letter, a small gift, a big gift, a phone call or better, just a visit.

Anyways, my room is coming along now, just waiting for the floor to dry. After the weekend I´m finally able to move in.  Can´t wait because I´m currently sleeping in the lounge downstairs. Hehe. I love the colour on the wall, it turned out much better than expected. I bought this wooden basket and mirror in a charity shop the other day. It´s so fun to decorate a new space.

Just had two days off, which was really nice. I painted some first coats but I also finished a few Netflix series. Balance, balance.

Christmas tree

The rest of the week will just consist of work, which is nice. Next week I´m going to Norwich to see friends and do some Christmas shopping. Fun times ahead.

Marie xx

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