Christmas at Lalande: The Christmas wreath

The Christmas wreath

I guess a lot of you have already seen our Christmas episode on tv, however, I just have to show you the Christmas wreath I made for the big gate. I had some lovely help from Mattia, we harvested everything from the garden. We dried leaves and sprayed them in gold. Then the whole wreath was wrapped with fairy lights. It looked very dreamy, as it should when hanging in front of a Chateau.

I´m popping back to Lalande in a week or so to see Stephanie again but to also to see Mike and Claude too. Almost 8 months have passed since Mike talked about having his birthday weekend here at Lalande. Now the time has finally come and I can’t wait to play a part in the festivities. I might also have time to do a new Christmas wreath! Wouldnt that be amazing??

Here are last years Christmas wreath:

Chateau de la Lande

Can´t wait to go back!

Are you going to make a Christmas wreath this year?

Marie xx

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