The stables

The Stable project

Finally, the time has come to show you all the “behind the scenes” on the Stable project. I absolutely loved every bit of this transformation. Stephanie managed to create a beautiful space for creativity and inspiration. One of the things I adore with Steph is her ability to envision absolutely anything. It wasn’t easy for me to picture a beautifully decorated art studio by looking at a dirty old stable filled with trash. Well done Steph.

Here are some pictures of the transformation:


Grant built a bookshelf by using timber from one of the outbuildings

The studio after clearing all the rubbish and cleaning the floor with a pressure hose

One of the heaviest jobs was to move these stable dividers. We wouldnt have done it without the great M-Team, consisting of Grant, Ben, Percy, Ian and Gerry. Anything is possible when having an Aussie, Kiwi, South-African and Scott(man) on board.

I spray painted the walls which were very therapeutic

We also painted all the doors

We brought down all the art books from the attic, they were Stephanies fathers books which made the Studio feel very special

Grant made this cupboard to cover up the pipes on the wall, using only bits and pieces from the outbuildings.

From the art retreat…

I havent actually seen the last episodes since I´m in Norway visiting family. Did anyone see me naked on tv?? 🙈 Hehe


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