No bathroom for a week



I actually have 2 days off now, wow, how did that happen? Well, I’m making sure to enjoy them as much as possible. The workers for the bathroom is in our house today, so that means no bathroom for a week. Yes, I will be brushing my teeth in the kitchen sink from now on. All fun. However, I am looking forward to having a newly done bathroom, especially since we´re also adding a shower. Yay.

I’m currently just waiting for the washing to finish and then I will go out for a run. The weather is cold but pretty, should be fun.

Sourdough meringue from the kitchen

Gillian’s room at the moment. She started on the floor yesterday, so It won’t be long before the painting goes on the wall. It’s getting exciting.

I’m feeling much better now, much happier than last week. I talked to my friend Tiril for hours on the phone the other night and that did wonders. I’m seeing her when I go to Norway next week. Can’t wait.




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  1. Hi Marie, It was so good to see you recently with Stephanie Jarvis–I wish you were still at LaLande, at least part time! I hope the remodel of your house goes well. Please post more photos of your travels around town, Bury-St.-Edmunds, if you could. Thank you–wishing you happiness!
    Karin Bergman
    Indiana, USA

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