Meantime there is Autumn



I´m alive so don´t worry too much about the epic silence in here. Haha. I´ve been with my new job for a week now and I love it. Lots to learn of course, but it’s coming together. I can´t believe I´ve been here a month already. It´s gone so quickly.!  Yesterday, I worked in the kitchen, which was fantastic. I believe it´s so important to understand every aspect of a buisness if you want to run it well.


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Other than working I went to a memorable work party on Monday. It was the first one for the whole group. Lots of mingling and too much wine. I don´t drink much these days so it will be a while to next time.

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As you all might know, I became a vegetarian in February this year because I wanted to eat healthier. Become healthier. I´m confident to say that I have achieved that goal. Slowly but surely I have taken the step to eat cleaner, filling my meals with mostly vegetables, salads, nuts, grains, healthy oils, plant-based products, fruits, berries etc.. However, If I want something I will eat it. I don´t restrict myself in any way. I eat the way I do because I love it. I also run 3-4 times a week. I usually go every second day even if it´s just for 20-30 minutes. I love the way my body has become stronger. More empowered. More proud. Slimmer. More confident. Happier.

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So pretty

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At home, things are happening slowly. My room is still not done. The floors and the painting are still on hold, but hopefully, we will get to it soon. I really hope that I get into a proper routine soon. I don’t like not writing here, it´ts just been a little busy in my head lately. My camera is misbehaving and my bank account is down to zero. Haha. It´s that type of fun xx



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