Long days and whiskey in bed


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Hello, how are you?

The Chateau life is pretty good these days, even though Stephanie and I only manage to cook, clean and sleep, it´s all good. The musical workshop is going well and the days go by so quickly. I barely have time to open my Macbook but I thought I would give it a try, I had a 45-minute window yesterday afternoon, I managed to write a little bit but I´ve actually finished this blog post just after lunch today. Oopsie. Suddenly the dinner had to be served and then the cleaning up had to start. After that I vlogged Stephanie singing at last nights concert, and then we just had to watch the last episodes of Fleabag. There were whiskey and chocolate, the perfect ending to a busy day.

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I managed to go for a run yesterday too. I usually run every second day now (love it), it takes me about 40-50 minutes and it´s always the same route (well until I get bored, I´m a creature of habit). Hehe. The picture is taken behind the Chateau, such a stunning view amongst the fields. I wonder if there are any good running paths in Bury. I actually love running outside when it´s been raining and the weather is cloudy. Makes me feel so fresh! Hehe.

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Ruby and I at the outdoor gym earlier this week. He always follows me here and I find it so cute. I never want to leave him here, but I´m afraid I´ll have to until I find permanent housing. I really believe that you can have a unique and deep connection with animals.  Ruby is so dear to me and I don´t really like cats. I´ve always been a dog-person admittedly.

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I´m finally getting out of the house. Yaay. It´s been a while and I need a few basics. Hope you all have a good day. We have two more full days of the workshop so I might blog later this week.

Marie x

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