When animales get sick



Our little peahen has been sick this week. It all started with spotting her lying on the grass and not moving. We discovered that she couldn’t move, and we immediately thought that she must have been hit by a car. It turned out that she has been suffering from a heatstroke. We took her to the vet where they managed to cool her down. Other than that they weren´t able to do much. Her legs seem to be paralysed too. We´re hoping she will recover but the prognoses all say that these birds won’t make it when they have reached to this point. We have been giving her water and a special glucose drink to help her. Cole told us today that he had seen her moving one of her legs earlier. That made us all happy and we´re now feeling a little bit more hopeful. She has also started eating, which is a good sign.

Fingers crossed.

Other than that the Lalanders are busy with the workshops this week. They are leaving on Saturday, the same day that another workshop starts. A bigger one with more people. It will be a very interesting and busy week.

Hope your all well and happy x


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