Last month of summer

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french summers nights

I´m so happy these days, and present in everything that’s happening. All my focus goes to our Lalande life at the moment, and I love that. I just have 1 month left here before I´m flying to Stansted, where Gillian will pick me up and take me to Suffolk. Yay! The last week and a half have been time-consuming. Lots of preparations, cleaning, planning and so on. Last night we had a wedding who turned out to be more magical then I expected it to be. The attention to detail was utterly perfect and It made me want to work more with weddings in the future. Fingers crossed.

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Been busy in the floristry studio

I feel like everything is going the way I want it to. I´m healthier then I´ve ever been before and that makes me so proud. I´ve been a vegeterian for half a year now and I couldn´t be happier. My weekly runs are getting better and better. I can run without music and just get lost in my thoughts, but I can also run with a good podcast. Love both. I´ve also noticed that my emotions are more in harmony after I started doing meditation in the mornings. I always start with thinking about what I´m grateful for and that gives me so much meaning to my everyday life. I also visualize my goals and my future plans as I´ve already achieved them. The mindset makes me so focused and excited to go out and take action. My inspiration to start meditating comes from a podcast I listened to recentley, featuring Dr Joe Dispenza. He is a neuroscientist who thinks that everyone can heal their body through your mind. I find the theory incredibly fascinating. You can check his website out here.

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From last night´s party. During the day the sun was really warm and I managed to get a mild sunburn. You should see my ridiculous tan, I´m super tanned from the waist and up, and pale white from the bottom and down. Haha! Towards the night the air got cold and we all had to put on extra clothes. Reminded me of those Norwegian summer nights in my childhood.

Hope you all have a great day x

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