Friday night



Time goes so quickly here, we´re in the middle of the summer season. Crazy. The musical workshops are around the corner, and I´m kind of looking forward to it. Lots of new faces, music playing all day, prepping and serving food. Good times a head.

Today was a busy but great day, and I just got to sit down for a little break. We´re having a party in the stables tonight, friends and family have arrived for the weekend. I´m afraid it´s a bit of a secret, but I can promise that you will see some of it on TV! Hehe..


Made this today, just a quick and easy flower arrangment. Love the simplicity of the white mixed with different greens. I will show you more pictures later (well, as much as I can I guess)

I just wanted to say hello, hope you’re having a great weekend. I should get back to the party!





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