10 thoughts right now


1. Roadtrip in September. Gillian just bought a house (yay!!), and we all thought it would be a good idea to take a bigger car around France and find furniture from charity shops. It´s so cheap here, and you can find so many divine treasures. I´m hoping to find a beautiful tea set, some vases and maybe some whiskey glasses.  I´ve finally decided to start collecting since I´m bound to be a bit more grounded by the end off this year. At least, that’s what I´m hoping for.

2. I´m feeling so much healthier! My eating habits are finally where I want them. Just the fact that I actually want to eat a full salad then a pizza is incredible. I want to eat clean and green. I love it! I´m so grateful for this mindset but don´t worry, I still indulge in cheese and chocolate, but in a moderate way.

3. For my Norwegian followers: Om du er keen på entreprenørskap og selvutvikling så burde du høre Isabella Løvengrips episode i Sommar & Vinter i P1, svensk radio. Klikk her om du ikke finner den på spotify. Jeg digget episoden og det fikk meg både til å ty til tårene men også brase ut i latter. Anbefales!


4. I´m thinking of staying with Gillian this fall. I´ll probably go back to Lalande here and there, but I´m excited to be able to explore Suffolk. I´m looking forward to another environment and to maybe getting a new job! I´m thinking of floristry or of something that involves wedding venues. Hmm.


5. My dearest friend Lydia is coming to see me this August, and she is bringing her mother. We´ve been friends since I lived in Bergen and that’s 3-4 years ago. I can´t wait to see her and show her the life here.

6. I´m not stressed, yet. Hehe! Busy days now, but my mind is relaxed and happy. I´m wondering if all the workouts I´ve done lately have something to do with it. I´ve been running up and down the stone stairs with Gillian. It makes me so sweaty, but it´s such a good workout. We have been running up 10 x 3!


7. I´m really looking forward to being more grounded and to have my own proper space. Space where I can let my creative self go wild. Staying with Gillian is just a little step on the way, but what a great way to start! Looking forward to being painting my “own” room, but also to cook vegetarian food with this beautiful human. We also love working out together and have already been planning our new exercise routines.

8. As much as I´m over the moon excited about moving to the UK, I`m not ready to not see my ray of sunshine every day. I´ve grown so much love for Stephanie, and I absolutely love living with her. She gives me so much joy every day, and I often think she is the most incredible and loving soul there is. So much beauty within, you wouldn´t believe it! I miss you dearly already (and I´m not leaving before September!!). I promise to come and stay often xxx

9. I´m starting to like Magnum ice cream, and that’s a bit weird. Usually, I´m not much of a dessert person and certainly not an ice cream lover. I blame the insane heatwave.

10. I need to be more uncomfortable. I believe that’s the way you grow best as a human, by being brave and vulnerable. I bet you have been around at least one person who made you uncomfortable. Am I right? And the situation is just stealing your energy and time? Yes? Well, that happens to me from time to time. You can either sit and wait it out, or you can actually do something about it. I look at it like ripping a plaster. It might hurt, but it will be over before you know it. I´m ripping the plaster off.


Have a great weekend guys!






3 thoughts on “10 thoughts right now

  1. Oh hello Dear Marie! That is quite some news and I who thought that you have become an authentic Lalander! Oh well, I am also glad for your sake. It is refreshing and developing to move forward and to challenge yourself! One thing is for sure, Stéphanie will miss you a lot: your strong presence, and all that I guess you do at Lalande and contribute with.
    I alla fall så önskar jag Dig all lycka i världen. Och om Du har vägarna förbi la Haute Normandie, så är Du så välkommen att hälsa på: Château d’Angerville la Martel!

    Ha det så bra Marie// Philippe

  2. Aaaw! Tusen hjertelig takk Philippe!! ❤️ Ja, livet er nå og ikke siden. Det føles fint å få være litt i Englane fremover. Jeg skal besøke Lalande i November og Desember så jeg forsvinner ikke helt i høst. Jeg skal definitivt huske på å si hei om jeg reiser forbi Normandie. Takk for en kommentar ❤️

  3. Jeg forstår ikke at jeg først ser denne fine kommentaren nå! Beklager så mye Philippe! Må ha vært i tåkeland! Hehe. Takk for mange fine ord. Og ja, om jeg er i nærheten av Normandie så skal jeg så selvfølgelig plinge på. Så spennende!! 🥰

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