“No thank you” + wedding flowers


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The peonies are blooming on full speed now, I almost think there is too many in the garden. I really want to make use of them before they dye out, but there might be too many peonies in the house. Or?.

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I´ve been thinking about this summer and how lucky I am to be where I am. Today, have been such a beautiful but also peaceful day. Stephanie and Isabell are on a secret trip and will be so until Friday. Leaving me with all the boys. Haha! Oh well,  GILLIAN is back!! She came with David yesterday. All is well. David is making vegetarian curry tonight, and we´re watching a movie in the attic after. We are having our busiest month, but it´s actually going well. We´re having a day off from our bookings today (we call them our “REST DAYS” in the calendar), and that gives us a day to re-charge before the busy weekend starts again. I´ve been planting some last minute summer flowers and moving some sweetpeas onto our arches in the vegetable garden. Ruby was of course with me. Love having him around when I´m out and about in the garden. I´m spending the afternoon doing some admin but also planning some wedding flowers! 😉 Stay tuned..!

Anyways, on to something else. You know the “oh..” and the rolling eye´s you get when you say “no thank you” when someone asks if you would like a drink? It´s like your sucking out all the joy from that person. Haha. You can just sense the disappointment of not joining the “party”. Not okay, but I will accept that not everyone is comfortable with my choice.

Right now, I just want to be sober and as focused as I can be. I´ve actually started to like the feeling of being sober in a room full of people who drink. I´m more in touch with myself, and my mind is so clear. Maybe I will want to drink later this year or in a year or two, but I might not drink for many years. I don´t want to set any rules, cause I can easily change my mind. The only thing I know is that I don´t want to drink right now, and that’s totally okay.  People should be fine with that.. 🙂

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Hope you’re enjoying the summer. Lalande is having a few rainy days at the moment, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I´m on natures side, and I´m always having a minor freak out if I see the plants scream for water. However, the weekend will be pretty hot. We´re facing 30 degrees on Sunday.. I think I might need to have a splash in the fountain.


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