Choosing to be happy

Hello everyone!

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What a few busy days, jeez. It´s been so hectic lately, and I´ve felt like I did last summer. Overworked and tired. Haha. The only difference is that the weather is far better and that my savings account won’t be as significant by the end of the summer.

I´m struggling with a wisdom tooth growing out, and that has caused some pain and swollenness. That combined with long days and lots of work haven’t been a fantastic thing. I really hate when my mindset is stuck in a negative cycle (which is not often). Luckily I´ve been able to slap myself out of it, though I did spend a few days trying. I´ve noticed that I need everything from a few days to weeks and months to go from a thought to actually doing something about it. It was the same thing with becoming a vegeterian and taking a break from alcohol.. Anyways, I´m taking back control and I´m choosing to be happy cause life is to precious and beautiful not be.

We´ve been to the market in Aigurande today, just for a quick hour. It was heavenly to get out of the Chateau for a little bit. After the Jaguar broke down, I haven´t been outside the property. I think It´s been affecting me in a small way, being “stuck” I mean. I´m really looking forward to a few getaways this summer. Later this month, Stephanie and I are sneaking out to a treehouse with a jacuzzi for a night. We´re also planning to go to London for a short trip. Besides the few trips, I have friends and family coming to visit! One of my dearests friends from the US and my little brother is definitely coming! YAAY!! So much to look forward to.

Tomorrow is a new and busy day at Lalande. We´re a lot of people in the house. We have a family plus Grant and Ben as voulnteers. Lots of things are getting done, and that’s a very satisfying feeling. I´m cooking for a bunch of people tomorrow and preparing a few rooms.

Hope you all have a lovely week x


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