Weekends are not lazy days



What a busy day, the chateau is full and will be for a little while now. We had the day planned out for various to do`s, some is a secret for now. We have musicians coming and going while also checking in/checking out B&B-guests. Tomorrow, Stephanie and Isabell are going away for a few days (that’s a secret too, haha, sorry) and they are leaving me with all the men. I, Percey and Grant will hold the fort. Oh, we also have a new volunteer coming! Ben from New Zealand. Yay. We’re not short on handyman these days 🙂 Right, I just wanted to give you all a quick update with some pictures from the day. Tomorrow I´m cleaning rooms, arranging flowers and cooking a 3-course. Busy day!

Wish you all a lovely Sunday x



Secret project going on..


Ruby is keeping watch


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