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Hello from Lalande

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10 thoughts right now

1. It´s hot, and I love it. Love sitting outside in the sun just looking at the landscape.

2. Life as a single is ……..

3. I´m giving myself a lot of guilt these days, and it´s affecting my mood for sure. I feel really guilty when I don´t do the things I plan to do for myself. Like taking the time to write and work on my blog! Not good at all, but I´m in the progress of improvement.

4. My interest in going to a chef school is growing. One day I want to own my own B&B where I can professionally cook food. Running a B&B would fit me perfectly cause there is so much variation of work. Everything from painting a wall to doing breakfast and making beds. Throw in a few nights with cooking up 3-courses, and I`ll be smiling in my sleep.

5. I´m thinking of maybe doing Youtube, but I have to think about it for a little bit longer. I think it´s a great platform, but it must be very time-consuming. If I only had more time! Haha

6. I remember I wrote a post about “regular posts from now”, and boy did I fail there! I´m so sorry, it´s been haunting me, and I feel guilty about it too. There is still a desire to do regular posts, but it won’t be a lot of them. I think I write best when it comes from the heart and is written spontaneously. I want this blog to be a bit “instant”, well, at least that’s the goal. Just regular updates from day to day. Not the big and deep posts every day, but more consistency would be great. I do have to say that I love writing this blog and creating “content”. To be able to inspire people is just so rewarding. The day that I make my first 500 Euro´s will be the day that everything else comes second. Hello, blogger life! Haha

7. I´ve stopped drinking, and I love my decision. I stopped cause I wanted to get more focus into my life. It´s just to busy right now, and I don´t want to spend time having a hangover. I also think it´s a healthy thing to do, having a break. I´m not sure how long I´ll keep this up, but it might be a half a year, maybe a few years. Who knows.. All I know is that I want to do everything that I can to be the best version of myself. I want to become really really healthy cause I know it will help to achieve my goals. Having that said, I´m looking forward to sipping some New Zealand whites in the future. Until then, I´m actually enjoying my tonic on ice with a slice of grapefruit.

8. Something that has become very clear to me recently is that I hate disappointing other people. I don´t just hate it, I FEAR it like the plague. If I have a commitment to something or someone, I always feel the need to be persistent in my work. It makes me an incredibly hard worker (which I´m proud of), but it´s also exhausting and time-consuming sometimes. I think it would be a fantastic skill to have if you run your own business (imagine the work I would get done), but when being an employer, I give way to much compared to what I receive back.

9. My hair is getting longer, and that is making me so cheerful. I´m never cutting it again, especially not by myself. I want long, Rapunzel hair, and nobody can stop(cut) me.

10. Speaking of hair. I´m going to be posing naked for an art retreat here next month. I´m wondering if I should shave everything or keep it as it is? Haha. What would you do?








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