Busy Sunday + back to normal



raspberry sorbet

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! Feels like the warm weather is here to stay and so is the weather forecast telling us too. It´s been 29 degrees today, and I love it, but I´m also saying out loud all the time, “Jeeze, it´s so hot.”  The typical Norwegian behaviour.

All the guests have left, and I´ve been a busy bee buzzing around in the B&B wing today. I´ve been putting on new beddings on all of the beds, so they’re ready for our new B&B-bookings. Mary Poppins will do the cleaning tomorrow, and then we´re all set! I´ve been alone in the Chateau for a few hours, witch I love. Stephanie and Michael are at the Fashion show today for the 2nd show. I told them I was happy to be alone for a little while so I could run around naked! Haha. I´ve actually been walking around half naked, but only because it’s so WARM!  Anyways, I´m all dressed and ready to have Stephanie and Michael back now.

I´ve also moved down to my old room (D´Henriette) today. It´s great to be back and be able to have a shower. I´m spending the rest of the evening just working on admin. I might continue with some painting work; I have to finish up before Thursday. That’s when the next guest is staying in Perse and Des Oiseaux. This upcoming week will be interesting. Gerry, Isabell and Percy are coming back! Yaay. Also, David is coming tomorrow, and he is bringing English cheddar and Toblerone. Great start of the week!!


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