Finally Friday



 From Norwich last year

How is everyone doing? I´m afraid I´ve been too busy to even think about blogging, but it´s Friday evening and my free time has finally arrived. Jen and Kayley (our workawayers) have now left us, and that makes me sad! They were both such sunny and positive people. I really loved having them here, and I hope they come back soon! For the next days, the Chateau will be filled with friends and family of Nic and Marie (the other chateau owners). The first guests have already arrived with the most adorable little kids. The 2-month-old baby made my heart melt, so incredibly cute. It made me want to start a nursery at Lalande. Haha!

This weekend will just consist of me-time (I hope)! I´ve been trying to upload pictures to this post all day, but I had to give up on the wifi and just find another picture from a previous post. The picture is from September last year when I visited Ryan and Stacey in Norwich. I miss the city and the people, and all the alone time. Haha! I just remember how amazing it was to walk around the streets, getting a coffee and looking for second hand bargains. I´m hoping to visit the city after summer. Anyways, I´m planning on just relaxing but also do some running too. If the weather is good I might go out for a flower hunt, I´ve been wanting to make another IGTV-video. Kayley told me she saw a grass snake on the road the other day. I´ve been cautious around the high grass ever since. I wonder when I´m ever going to get over my fear of snakes? Anyways, I will be wearing loads of layers, wellies and gloves. The snakes won’t stand a chance. I´m also hoping to have a warm bath and start a new book. I might even do a bit of spa-time. Yaay.

What else is new? Oh, we just got baby chicks. New today I believe. They are the sweetest little creatures, and there is three of them!! Lalande is looking green and bloomy and my robe smells like a chicken house. Fun stuff.

I wish you all a great weekend!


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