A trip to Bourges

Hey everyone


Cathédrale Saint-Etienne de Bourges

Hey guys! Long time no see..

Having friends over is heavenly, but it´s also time-consuming. I like to be as present as possible when I´m around friends and that’s why haven´t blogged for a few days. I haven´t seen Joanna since September last year, and it was just pure joy to see her again. My sweet Joanna. We met in Lofoten (Norway) when I worked and lived there. My time there wouldn´t be the same without her. We have both moved away from Lofoten and right now we are facing a new chapter in our lives. It´s always fascinating to see what lies next. So many open doors.

Last Friday we spent the whole day in Bourges. Joanna arrived on Thursday and left yesterday. Since we had some B&B guests on Saturday, we thought we could do an entire day out before they arrived. I´ve been told that Bourges is a nice city to visit and especially because of the famous Cathedral Saint-Etienne. I´m thrilled we decided to visit the spectacular monument, and taking the long stairwell to the roof. There were so many stairs, but it was all worth the sweat. The view was stunning and it was a great way to see the city.


View of the city of Bourges


Me and Joanna



This is one intelligent but also a hilarious woman who happens to be one of my best friends. Besides from having a Master in French, she is also utterly beautiful in every way there is.


I would say that Bourges is a city who offers a little bit of everything. Loads of restaurants to choose from (but be aware of the opening times), shopping areas are not to bad either. The city also offers a few unique museums and attractions. Definetly worth the trip if you’re nearby.


So, whats happening at the chateau these days?

We have a few B&B bookings this week, and Stephanie is coming home on Thursday (Can´t wait)! On Sunday we will have another workawayer arriving. Next Monday, Osman will leave us for a nearby tantra course! We are hoping he will return after. He is such a great worker. Monday and Tuesday next week will also be a glourious day, Nathalie, Mary, Gillian and Donna is coming back and that means that the Easter party is soon opon us. Cant´t wait to see all the familiar faces aswell as new ones. It´s going to be epic.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.



Håper alle har det bra der i Norge? Jeg hører dere har solskinnsdager og at vårtegnene har begynt å komme. Det gledes! Jeg grøsser bare av tanken om å måtte ta på seg en tjukk vinterjakke for å reise til Norge. Jeg har veldig lyst til å komme hjem for en liten visit, men det frister ikke helt enda. Spesielt når våren har kommet for lengst her i Frankriket og vi venter opp til 20 varmegrader neste uke. Litt bortskjemt kanskje? .. Hehe.

Nå må jeg straks komme meg avgårde. Mandags treningen er unnagjort og det føles helt nydelig. Nå skal jeg få unna litt oppgaver. Rom må klargjøres til i morgen. I kveld det blir det vegan fajitas (Osman er vegan) og film! Fin kveld.

Ha en fin dag alle 🙂



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